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The birth lagna (ascendant) is in the constellation Hasta.  Hasta appears in the sky as a abhaya-hastha (an open hand) giving blessings to people.  Hasta is a constellation associated with the hands; so we can assume that Jesus worked in the same profession / trade, carpentry, like his father Joseph.
The birth-lagna is powerfully aspected (7th drushti) by Jupiter, Saturn and Mars.  Jupiter is in his own house Pisces and is highly beneficial.  Guru’s  drushti (aspect) on lagna is very beneficial.  
The lord of birth lagna Kanya (Virgo) is Mercury  (Budha).  He is in 4th house (Kendra; Sri Naryana sthana) conjunct with Sun;  this forms Budha-Aditya yoga.  Ravi, Soumya yuthau thathra thaa ubhau yoga karakau, thath dvayo paaka kaleshu paripoorna sukhapradau = Both Sun and Mercury give him happiness and all benefits in his life. Mercury is inDhanasu (Sagittarius) and is a fiend’s (Guru’s) house.
In Nava Amsa chart, the lagna (Taurus) is beneficially aspected (5th drushti) by Guru; Guru is in Makara (Capricorn) and is debilitated; but Guru had neecha bhanga debilitation removed); lord of Makara is Saturn and is in Makara(own house).   Guru is  also conjunct with Mars in exalted house.
Jesus was born under the influence of Elerata.  So the parents with new-bon baby (Christ) moved to Egypt to escape the wicked rule of King Herod of Israel. Christ grew up in total seclusion; this was indicated by the aspect (7th drushti) of Saturn on birth lagna.
10th house is house of profession (Karma-sthana).  It was powerfully aspected (3rd drushti) of Saturn.  So Christ took up a labour-oriented trade, carpentry, following his father’s tradition.    He worked with his hands to earn livelihood.                                                                                                    The presence of Ketu in the 9th house gave him atma-gnana (knowledge about self) and spiritual oriented-mind. Saturn aspects (3rd drushti) Ketu that Christ consecrated the common physical labour trade and poverty.  Thereby he showed the intrinsic sacredness of his human life.
Moon is in Pisces;  Saturn aspects (10th drushti) the 10th house from Indu-lagna.  This indicates most of his disciples (followers) were illiterate, unlearned and ignorant men.  He chose them from the humblest of the people. 
The lord of Nava Amsa lagna (Gemini) is Mercury;  and is associated with Ketu and Jupiter.  This indicates his ascetic preferences.  Ketu is in Karaka-amsa and is aspected (3rd druswhti) by Saturn; this made him a Tapaswi (who nourishes divine thoughts always in his mind. 
The presence of malefics in Kaaraka amsa or in vyaya (12th house) from Kaarka amsa makes the person renounce the world.  He devotes his life for serving the people and show them the path for salvation (liberation; moksha).  In his chart two malefics Ketu and Saturn are in karaka amsa,
Hamsa yoga:  Jupiter is in his own (Pisces) and in 7th house (Kendra); this causes Hamsa yoga; one of the Mahapurusha yogas.  Jupiter is Atma-karaka;  this makes him learned in relgious matters.  According to classical vedic astrology tests; Hamsa yoga makes the person a king adored by all good and virtuous people, He is of righteous disposition.  Strong Guru in his own house, makes the person not only religious, but also moral and ethical himself but also can revive true relgion and human values. Christ was adored by millions of people for the past two millennia as a King of God’s kingdom.
Gaja-Kesari yoga : Moon and Jupiter are conjunct in Pisces (own house of Jupiter) causes strong Gaja-Kesari yoga. Gaja-kesari yogoyam  Chandra-kendre Bruhaspathihi; Gaja-kesari yoga sanjatho, subha-yogam, satham aayu praapthihi.   This unique combination of Gaja-kesari yoga and Hamsa yoga causes high degree of atma-bala (soul force) in Christ.  
Venus is completely free from any afflictions;  Venus is far away from Rahu (the angular distance is nearly 22*.  Venus is aspected(9th drushti) by Guru is very beneficial.  Venus caused Karma yoga and is the lord of 9th house (Taurus).  Also the presence of Pasa yoga coupled with Karma yoga enhanced his kindness and benevolence to suffering humanity.
Ekaraasi sthithaithu chathradhibhi birbalyuthair jahaah, pruthaghviryagauh shakya ajeevika bhikshu vurdha chakra nirgandha vanaysanaha;  mahye jnaya guru kshapakara sita prabhankareenau kramaath ina balibhi samah; parijithai sthastha swamibhihi prachyuthihi 
Christ has Parivrajaka yoga  (Ascetic):  Ekaraasi sthithaithu chathradhibhi birbalyuthair jahaah, pruthaghviryagauh shakya ajeevika bhikshu vurdha chakra nirgandha vanaysanaha;  mahye jnaya guru kshapakara sita prabhankareenau kramaath balibhi samah; parijithai sthastha swamibhihi prachyuthaihi=  When there are four or more planets in one house, the person born may become an ascetic (sanyasi) of one of these types;  Sakya, Aajivaka, Bhikshu, Vridha, Chakra, Nigandha or Vanayasana, when Mahaya, Gnya, Guru, Kshapakara, Sita, Prabandhakari, or Ina are powerful respectively.  The parivrajaka yogas are determined by the most powerful planets.  When these planets have suffered a defeat, the person will renounce the Parivraja (ascetic life) afterwards.
 Saturn and Moon are conjunct in Kendra (Sri Narayana sthana; 7th house; house of marriage and married life) and aspect (7th drushti) the birth lagna;  Saturn aspects (10th drushti) Mercury (the lord of birth-lagna).  So Christ lad a life of an ascetic (sanyasi) and did not get married.  The conjunction of Saturn and Mars in Kendra also resulted in his ascetic life and no-marriage.   Saturn and Mars aspected (7th drushti) the janma-lagna.  So he belonged to Aajivaka type of ascetic wearing white robes and a single staff.
  Saturn’s period started from his birth and lasted for 14 years.   During this period of childhood and teens, Christ led a simple life of poverty and toil.  But Saturn might have imparted him exalted joy within (joy born from within). 
When the boy was of 12 years, his parents Mary and Joseph took him to Jerusalem; there the boy was lost for a while.  The parents were much worried and searched for him frantically.   Finally they found him in a temple. This was a significant event in his life. This occurred during the sub period of Jupiter in the main period of Saturn.   These two planets Saturn and Jupiter contributed to his spiritual development.  
Mercury’s main period started from his 14th year and lasted till his 31st year.  Mercury (as lord of a birth lagna) is the planet causing intelligence (Budha dayathe Budhi vikasa) .  During thie period his intellect developed in the line              of spiritual evolution gradually paving a path to gradual self-realisation and  awareness of the Supreme God (Parameswara).  
I already mentioned Ketu in the 9th house contributed for his spiritual evolution. During his 32nd year in Ketu sub-period of Ketu main period, Christ gave his famous “Sermon of the Mount.”   This preaching by Christ to people at large and his tour of the neighbouring places lasted for only three years. Ketu occupies th 9th house both in rasi and nava amsa charts and is in Karka amsa.
    During the sub-period of Mercury in the main period of Ketu, Christ was crucified at an age of 37 years, during  the year 30 A.C.  His death occurred due to torture;  this was due to malefic aspect (7th drushti) of Saturn on the birth lagna, and also his aspect (10th drushti) on Mercury, the lagna-lord.  Ketu is in 3rd house from Indu-lagna (Moon).  Venus is lord of Taurus, in which Ketu stays.  So Ketu is expected to give the results of Venus. Venus is the lord of 2nd house (Libra); maraca-sthana (death causing house); also Venus is the lord of 3rd (Taurus) and 8th (Libra) houses from Indu-lagna.  Venus in in 3rd house (Scorpio) from Lagna.   All these are malefic.  So Venus had maraka effect and this is given to Ketu.  So Ketu caused his death during the Ketu’s main period.  You can get my full particulars from my web-site : You can get my astrological services by contacting me by e-mail: and know my fee particulars. I have 48 years of experience / practice as an active astrologer. ---------  I dedicate all these astrology articles in this blog to Sri Parama Paalakas (Supreme Rulers of this entire Universe): Bhagavan Sri Siddhi Vinayaka, Sri Lakshmi Narayana and Sri Gouri Sankara and Sri Saraswathi and Bhagavan Sri Venkateswara.