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Sri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu -  Horoscope
Dec - 19 - 2012                                                       Wedesday
Special annexure on Mars: Now I describe the effect of Mars (Kuja) in the 4th house (Mathru bhaava): Chathrurthe Kuja-phalam.  Fourth house  denotes mother, one's home (native place), residence, domestic environments, grave, private affairs etc., secret life, vehicles, fields, pastures, farms, orchards, mines, buildings, ancestral property, hidden treasure, academic education, wells, water, milk, rivers, lakes etc.                                                                                                                                                                                 Effects :        Views of renowned astrologers :                                                                                                                  1)  Saint-Astrologer Maharshi Parasara (Great grand-father of Pandavas and Kauravas of Mahabharatha epic; father of Maharshi Veda Vyasa) wrote : (sloka = Sanskrit verse) :- Jadamathi, athi-deeno, chathurtha sthaanethu Bhoumau, sabhapathi,kula-mukhyo, bandhu-heeno, athi-duhkhi,vasathicha para-desae, neecha-seva-anurakthaha, para-gruha vasthi, bhokthancha, chanchala, alpabhigi =  If Mars is in 4th house, the person shall be an idiot, stubborn and mud-headed; he suffers abject misery; his mother suffers health and other troubles; he is very mean in mind and actions; He has very few relatives and well-wishers and he maintains inimical relations with them; he suffers pain, misery and helplessness;  he resides in a far-off foreign land; he serves mean and bad people and is involved in sinful activities;  he lives in other people’s house (servant’s quarters) and eats food offered to him as alms;  he is fickle-minded and does not enjoy any comforts in life.   Also Mars deprives the person of domestic harmony;  there are misunderstandings among the family members. Mars casts his 4th aspect on the 7th house of spouse and marital life.  Mars loses his strength for direction in 4th house and so creates more and more misery and trouble in family life. Mars aspects 10th house (profession and karma) and 11th house (laabha, prosperity, elder brothers / sisters); so these aspects are also spoiled.
2) Bhrigu Sutras- by saint-astrologer Maharishi Bhrigu (3500 BC):-- Suthra (26) :-  Gruha-chidhram.  Suthra (27) : Ashtame varshe, pithru-arishtam; mathru-rogee;  Suthra (28) :-  Soumya-yuthe, para-graha vasaha; Suthra (29) :- ni-roga-sareeri; kshethra-heenaha; dhana, dhanya heenaha; jeerna-gruha vaasaha;  Suthra (30) :- uche, sva-kshehtre, subha-graha yuthe, mithra-kshethre, vaahanavaan, kshethravaaan, sva-gruhavaan; mathru-deergha-ayuhu;  Suthra (31) :-  neecha kshethre, paapa-graha yuthe, veekshithe, mathru-nashaha;    Suthra (32) :- Soumya-yuthe vaahanavaan, nishtavaan;  Suthra (33) :-  Bandhu-jana dveshee, sva-desa parithyagi, vastra-heenaha = If Mars is in the fourth house, there will be adversities in the family of the native causing domestic disturbances. The father may die in the eighth year of the native's and the mother of the native will always be in bad health. The native will enjoy good health but will have no land of his own, he will be poor and live in a dilapidated house. He will have inimical relations with his near relatives, will live away from his native place and will be without proper clothes. If Mars is associated with Mercury (his enemy), the native may not have a house of his own but may have to live in somebody else's house. If Mars is in his own sign (Aries or Scorpio) or in his sign of exaltation (Capricorn) and is in conjunction with a benefic or is in a friendly sign, the native will own conveyances, lands and his mother will be long-lived. If Mars is in his sign of debilitation (Cancer) and is associated with a malefic or malefics or the lord of the 8th house, the native will suffer the loss of his mother early in his life.
Explanation :-  Mars is one of the worst malefics. His placement in the 4th house will destroy all the good significations of the house. If he is associated with a malefic, he will cause more havoc. The domestic life of the native will be badly affected, he will have no house, no land, will be poor and his mother will suffer from ill health and may die early if Mars is in his sign of debilitation and associated with malefics. If Mars is in his own sign or is exalted very good results have been predicted. He will own conveyances, lands and houses and his mother will be long-lived. When Mars'is in Aries he will be in the fourth house as lord of fourth and eleventh in fourth the ascendant being Capricorn. If Mars is in Scorpio, the ascendant will be Leo (for which Mars is a yoga karaka planet), he will be in the fourth as lord of the fourth and the ninth houses. If Mars is in Capricorn (exalted) the ascendant will be Libra and Mars will be in the fourth as lord of the 2nd and the 7th houses. All these dispositions will generate powerful Dhana Yogas. If Mars is in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn, in the fourth house (a kendra or quadrant), Ruchaka yoga will also be formed, the effects of which have already been described.
It has been stated that if Mars is in the fourth, father will die early in the life of the native. The reason for this can be that Mars in the fourth house will aspect the 10th house which is a maraksthana for the native's father (being 2nd to the ninth house).
3) Brihath Jataka by Varhamihira (325 AC) :--  The person concerned will have no happiness in family matters and will be troubled in mind.   
4) Phala-deepika by Manthreswara :--  The native will be without mother (that is he will lose his mother in his early life), will be without friends, happiness, conveyances and lands.
5) Saravali by Maha-Raja Kalyana Varma (10th century A.C; king of Vyaghrapaada kingdom) :-- The native will have no house, grains, proper clothes, relations, conveyances will have no happiness and will have to live in a house not his own.
6) Chamatkara Chintamani by Narayana Bhatt (5th century AC) :-- In spite of the other planets being favourable in the horoscope, if Mars is in the fourth, the native will be deprived of happiness from father, mother, wife and children (in other words his domestic life will be unhappy). But the native gets land and clothes by the favour of the king (Government).
7)  Jataka  Kalanidhi :- PITHRA-ARISHTAM, MATHRU-ROGI, SOUMYA-YUTHE, GRUHA-CHIDRAM, NARA-VAAHANAHA, PARA-ADHEENAVAAN, STHRI-HANTHAA = When Mars is in 4th house, his father dies,  his mother suffers long-illness, he moves with calm and peaceful persons, his behavior causes division of family and house-hold, he shall have a human being to carry him; he shall be a slave to others, and he murders women.
My views :- All the astrologers agree that Mars in the 4th will give only malefic effects in respect of the significations of that house. But as pointed out in Sutras 28,30 and 32 of Bhrigu Sutras, Mars can give very benefic results also if he is posited in his own or in his sign of exaltation or when there is benefic influence on Mars. The above scholars have not considered this aspect. The beneficial result of getting lands and clothes by the favour of the king, mentioned by Chamatkara Chintamani can be realised only when there is some kind of benefic influence on Mars in the 4th house or when Mars is dignified. We believe the disposition of the lord of the 4th should also be considered while reaching final conclusions.  
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