Monday, September 13, 2010

Dhana (Riches / Wealth) Yogas.

Dhana (Riches / Wealth) Yogas. Sept—13—2010 Rule :- Dhana-esae laabha sthithe, laabha-ease dhana samsthithe, bhagya-easascha dhana sthane jatho, laksha dhano bhaveth = If (1) the lord of 2nd house (Dhana / riches) stays in 11th house (Laabha; gains) and (2) the lord of 11th house (gains) stays in 2nd house (riches) and (3) the lord of 9th house (Bhagya; luck . fortune, wealth) stays in 2nd house, the person shall a a millionaire by birth and all his life. Example :-














In this natal chart, the 2nd house (Dhana / wealth) is Cancer; its lord is Moon; he is in 11th house (gains), Aries. (2) the lord of 11th house is Mars; he is in 2nd house, Cancer. (3) the lord of 9th house (luck and fortune), Aquarius is Saturn. He is in his own house in 9th house. So the person was born in the family of a millionaire and inherits family business. Also Mercury is exalted in his own house (Virgo) in 4th house and forms strong Budha-Aditya yoga in 4th house (properties). He earns millions in his own business. Also Venus (benefic) is in his own house in 5th house (Sri Lakshmi sthana). He is intelligent and efficient and proficient in his profession / business. He earns millions of wealth in his own business. Dedicated with Devotion to Bhagavan Sri Lakshmi Srinivasa. (to be continued tomorrow). You can get my full particulars from my web-site : You can get my astrological services by contacting me by e-mail: and know my fee particulars. I have 48 years of experience / practice as an active astrologer.-----------------