Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stree Dosha (Curse of a woman)

During the past three months, over a dozen fans who study my blog articles daily asled me to guide them about the malefic effects that can spoil the life. especially the married life of a person. In response to their request I publish about 6 such doshas found in a horoscope usually.

Stree Dosha (Curse of a woman) : If Venus is conjunct with malefic like Rahu, Ketu or Saturn. or aspected by Rahu or Ketu or Saturn Venus is poisoned. This is called “Aka Stree dosha” It can cause malefic effects in the life of the person. The person was cursed by his wife in his past life, distressed by his cruelty to her. The malefic effects include * Family deity is forgotten or not worshipped.
* Family is cursed by a distressed woman
This can also cause death or serious illness of his present spouse (wife) during Rahu-Venus, Venus-Rahu, Ketu-Venus, Venus-Ketu, Venus-Saturn, Saturn-Venus periods.


Mars Venus Rahu

Sun Mercury Jupiter










Lagna Ketu

In the natal chart above, Michel has Venus, conjunct with malefic Rahu and Mars. So he got married twice and got divorced within one year of each marriage. He has no children. He has strong Stree dosha in the 7th house (marriage; wife and married life). Ketu (malefic) is in birth lagna and aspects (7th drushti). So his efforts to get married again for the third time during the past 3 years are not fruitful. He leads a debaucher life.
Remedies suggested:
1) Chant "Aum Maha Durgaye namaha" daily 1008 times daily. Bhagavthi Sri Durga is the presiding deity for Rahu.
2) Visit Godess Durga Temple on Fridays and offer red flowers and perform Ashtothara pooja every Friday all your life.
3) Perform Puja for Ashta Lakshmi Yanthra daily with milk, turmeric and kumkum all your life. Ashta Lakshmi is the presiding deity for Venus.----------

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