Wednesday, September 1, 2010


My own remarks : I stongly believe that Sri Krishna was a historical reality. I vehemently oppose the so called (pseudo) scholars and modern (hypocrats) politicians who argue that Sri Rama and Sri Krishna were not epic heros but only fantasy figures. Even photographs taken recently from satellites revealed unequivocally the remains of the city of Dwaraka and its palaces submerged under the Arabian sea on the west coast in Sourashtra region. A mere fantsy figure and literary creation can not move billions of people from ages and bring solace and bliss to countless souls. We can find clues to His divine personality based on the manner the benefics and malefics are disposed in his Horoscope and the spheres of influences involved. The explanation of the meanings of all His deeds can progressively reveal itself to thousands of generations that follow Him. The immortal and divine song of universal dharma, the great Bhagavd-geetha preached by Supreme Lord Sri Krishna to Arjuna, when he was wavering to fight the battle and do his dury properly, has inspired and influenced billions of persons for the past 5 thousand years. Geetha offered solutions to their problems according to their own stage of mental and spiritual evolution; it guided many on the path of righteouness and prevented many from treading paths of sin and wrong.

I was profoundly influenced by Bhagavad-geetha during my childhood (9 to 12 years of age) and tried to practise the priciples of dharma propounded therein in my own life; I was immensely benefited in my life. I suffered many material losses in worldly affairs due to my moral and ethical behaviour but I gained happiness, mental peace and spiritual solace from practice of principles propounded in Bhaavad-geetha, in my life. Aum thath sath! (concluded). Aum Namo Bhagavan Sri Krishna arpana-masthu ! My booklet on Moral values propounded in Bhagavad-geetha won the Best Book Award, in an open-competition, from world-renowned Sri Chinmaya Mission; Trissur, Kerala; India during 1995. ===

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