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Raja yogas for prosperity : Part-115


Part :-- 115 (May—12—2009) MAHA BHAGYA YOGA

Example – 5 :-- Horoscope of Ms. Venus Wiiliams - Tennis World Champion (3 times Wimbledon Winner)

Rule : -- If the lord of lagna or 3rd house or 5th house is strong and a benefic and aspects the 9th house (Bhagya-sthana) or a strong benefic is in 9th house, unafflicted, preferably in his own house or in exaltation, Maha Bhagya yoga is formed.

Benefits :- The person is very wealthy and prosperous and enjoys royal comforts in life.

Example—5 :- This is the horoscope of world famous Tennis World Champion (3 times Wimbledon Winner) Ms.Venus Williams. She has raja-yogas. She is a billionaire and leads the life of a Queen. She has Maha Bhagya yoga in her horoscope. Venus, a benefic, is in his own house in 9th house (Bhagya; luck and wealth) and is very strong. Part-1-





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1) Budha-Aditya raja-yogam: Mercury and Sun are conjunct in 10th house (Sri Narayana sthaanam). Ravi, Soumya yuthau thathra sva, utcha sthaana gathe Budha-Aditya yogamutchyathe; vishesha dhana laabhanche, vanijya-vardhanam. Sun and Mercury conjunction is strong Budha-Adithya yoga; this makes her gain financially during periods of Sun and Mercury. Sbe will earn millions of dollars. Business is very profitable to her; so she wisely chose interior design and fashion as her profession and she gians millions of dollars. Mercury is also conjunct with the Sun, a royal planet; but not very clos; so Sun does not combust (dagdha yoga; burn up) Mercury. The Sun gains directional strength or 'Dik Bala' in the 10th house, this further enhances benefits like her status, recognition, leadership, domination and grand success in her career.

The Sun is the lord of 12th house and is in the 10th house; this indicates a number of good things - success in foreign countries, or a career that changes frequently, or goes in spurts. For Venus Williams, it appears to be a good combination of all these. It can also signify working for ones own-self because of the need for a flexible, independent work schedule. She's recently started her own fashion and interior design company.

2) Bhadra Maha-purusha yoga : Mercury is te lord of her birth lagna, Virgo. Mercury is in his own house in Gemini in 10th house (Rajya; profession; quadrant; Sri Naryana sthana). So Mercury gives her the most powerful orientation and rise in profession and lifts her to lofty heights of achievement. The attributes of this yoga are described in classical Sanskrit works of Maharshi Parasara as : "The person is physically very strong and healthy, with long arms, commanding stature, a gait with the majesty of an elephant, face like a lion, broad chest and shoulders, and proportionate limbs. The voice is sweet and impressive. The person is virtuous and learned, of a stable mind and very intelligent. Independent in all undertakings, judicious, extremely wealthy, blessed with comforts etc." This description suits her quite well. This yoga occurs in the 10th house lifting her career, status and bringing her name and fame. Mercury is also in Vargottama-amsa, meaning it stays in Gemini in the Navamsha chart (9th divisional chart), which further strengthens Mercury and its beneficial nature. Gemini imparts an agile, versatile and quick nature to her, which enhances her athletic ability. The combined benefits of all the above aspects made her very happy, healthy and a multi-billionaire (to be continued tomorrow). ------------ You can get my full particulars from my web-site www.jyothishi.com. You can get my astrological services by contacting me by e-mail: pandit@jyothishi.com and know my fee particulars. I have 45 years of experience / practice as an active astrologer. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------