Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Financial Prosperity – Astrological Predictions.  
(Oct—10—2012)                                                                        (Wednesday)
4)  Kumbhasya, Sukre, sukha, bhagya-naathe, lagna-sthitho thadaati athi-su-yogam; lagne, kendra, kone-stithau akhana-raja-yoga pradau =   Venus is lord of 4th (properties and houses) (kendra) and 9th  (Bhagha house) (kona); he is akhanda-yoga-kaaraka (the best benefactor) for aquarius lagna; he is in birth-lagna strong and well-disposed makes the person highly educated and a millionaire.  Kumbhasya Sukra daayecha Vidya, Vitham akhandadaha . (Jataka Marthanda)                                                                                                                                                          5)  Guru, Sukra samayukthau, Janma-lagne vaa subha-sthaane, dvi-dasaa paripoorna us-yogadau, bha bhagya pravrudhischa, santhanasya-abhivardhanam = (Jataka Marthanda).  The conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in birth-lagna (acquarius) is highly beneficial (yoga—kaaraka);  both periods of Jupiter and Venus are highly beneficial.  He shall be hale, healthy, wealth and happy all his life. He shall have very healthy and worthy children.                                                                                                                6)  The 1st, 3rd. 8th, 11th houses rule financial gains contain moola-trikona signs. Besides being dhana-kaaraks (significators of  financial prosperity). Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury can cause financial gains.  All the planets are well-disposed.  Saturn and Venus aspect each other beneficially give wealth                   
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