Saturday, October 13, 2012

Financial Prosperity – Astrological Predictions.
 (Oct—13—2012)                                                                           Saturday
 Example 6 :--     This is the birth-chart of a very rich and charitable lady.
 Smt. Varalashmi Raasi Chart

1)   Saturn is the lord of 2nd house (Aquarius) from birth lagna;  Jupiter is lord of 2nd house (Pisces) from Indu-lagna;  both Saturn (7th drushti) and Jupiter (9th drushti) aspect the 2nd house and full Moon is in 2nd house. Saturn is also lord of birth-lagna (Capricorn) and has full digbala ( directional strength) This causes a powerful dhana-yoga;  so both Jupiter and Saturn dasas bestowed her prosperity and riches worth lakhs of rupees in those days (1940—85).                                                                                                 2)  During her Saturn main period, her husband was blessed with name, fame and honour.  He rose to the state of a millionaire during 1940—63 period.                                                                                                                             3) Ravi, Sukra samyuktha, bhagha-sthane, dvi-dasa paripoorna yoga pradau, kalathraa-bhoo, dhana aptischa labhathe, na-tra-samsayaah =  The conjunction of Venus and Sun in Bhagya (9th house) is very benefical.  Both periods bestowed her queenly luxuries and full happiness.  Her husband eatned millions and many landed properties. This is a powerful dhana-yoga (financial prosperity).
4) Lakshmi-sthaanam thrikonancha; Vishnu-sthaanancha kendraaha.
thayo sambandha mathrena ,  Raja-yoga adhiakam, bhaveth !   
1,5,9 houses from birth lagnam (ascendant) are called trikonams (trines);  1,4,7,10 houses from birth lagam are called kendrams (quadrants); if the lords of trikonam and kendram are conjunct in same beneficial house, the person is blessed with Raja-yogam; if these lords exchange their places also in good houses, they give many benefits, the person gets longevity, health, wealth, happiness, name and fame.
9th house in konams and 10th house in Kendrams are best houses;  if lords of 9th and 10th houses are conjunct in same house, or they exchange their positions and there are no malefic effects associated, the person enjoys a powerful Raja-yogam. This is also called Dharma-Karma-adhipa-parivarthana yogam. 
      Her birth chart has this Dharma-karma-adhipa-parivarthana yoga.  Mercury is lord of 9th house (Bhagya / Dharma sthana); he is in 10th house (Libra);  Venus is the lord of 10th house (Rajya / Karma sthana), she is in 9th house (Virgo); there are no maleficeffects on these two houses.                                  5) Mercury period opened a fruitful and golden era in her life.  By 1965, when the main period of Mercury started, she and family were millionaires.  She started humanitarian and social service activities.   She started a yoga-training center in her town.  She taught yoga practices to several ladies in the town; this enabled many ladies to gain sound health, mental peace and equanimity.  She also helped generously the families of her sisters (who belonged to lower middle class) with finances to meet education, and marriage expenses of their children.    (to be continued tomorrow)        You can get my full particulars  from my web-site :  You can get my astrological services by contacting me by e-mail:  and know my fee particulars.   I have 48 years of  experience / practice as an active astrologer.