Saturday, October 20, 2012

Financial Prosperity – Astrological Predictions.
(Oct—20—2012)                                                                                 Saturday
Example : 12:   BILL-GATES.  Date of birth :  Oct—28—1955. at night 9-15 hr at Seattle  (112*20’ West;  47*36’ North); U.S.A.     Birth Star = Uttarabhadra.   
“Bill Gates was born at a very auspicious time. It is the thirteenth waxing Moon time (sukla paksha thrayodasi)and the Moon herself is on the star, Uttarabhadrapada.   His incarnation is a direct act of Lord Siva who is the God in charge of removing karma.  It is believed by Hindus on this 13th Moon day (Pradosham Day) during sunset time Siva removes the sufferings of the people.   Like Siva, Bill Gates will alleviate the suffering of people; he donated millions of dollars for charitable purposes.   His birth star Uttarabhadrapada is ruled by Saturn and Hanuman.   Saturn himself is exalted in Libra exactly with a debilitated Sun and powerful Venus.   The placement of these three planets in his fifth house from the Ascendant clearly proves that Bill Gates is connected with the Divine, particularly Lord Siva.  In order to have a fortunate life one should have a good ascendant zodiac sign and its Lord;  this ascendant lord is powerfully placed in Virgo.  Bill Gates has Gemini as the Ascendant and Mercury, the Lord of Gemini, is exalted in Virgo.  Further, Ketu in the 12th house means that this will be Bill Gate’s last Janma (incarnation) in this world and he shall be blessed with salvation (Moksha) after his death”.  These were the comments of a learned Brahmin-astrologer from south India on the horoscope of Bill Gates. Millions of people all over the world admire the benevolent donations of Bill Gates for human welfare and charitable purposes.                                                                                                                
1) Mercury is the lord of Gemini, the birth lagna and he is exalted in Virgo in 4th house (Kendra; Sri Narayana sthana).   Mithune chaturthe Soumya stithe,utcha-sthithe, paripoorna su-yogadaha = Mercury’s period gives him the best benefits.  Bill gates started his business venture MICROSOFT in the main period of Mercury and sub-period of Venus.                                                                                     2) Venus is lord of 5th house (Libra; Sri Maha Lakshmi sthana) and is in his own house in moola-trikona position.  Mithune panchame Sukra sthithau raja-yoga-pradau, ashesha-dhana-laabha-dayakau, bahu-sthri-santhathi-pradaha =     The period of Venus (1982—2002) bestows him riches worth billions.  He enjoys the status of an Emperor of the entire world.                                                                                                                                                                                  3) Saturn is lord of 9th house, Aquarius, (fortune and prosperity; Bhagya) and is exalted in Libra (Sri Laksmi Sthana); this bestows him financial gains of billions of dollars.  Mithune panchame yada Mande, paripoorna-su-yogadu.   Saturn bestows him huge financial gains.
4)  Mars and Moon are in mutually 7th houses; this is a strong Chandra-Mangala yoga.   Chandra-Jeeva samayoge, Chandra-Mangala yogamuchyathe; tha-ubhau paripoorna-yoga-kaaraku; thath dvaya paaka kaaleshu paripoorna sukhapradau a raja-yoga and is highly beneficial to bestow financial gains.                                                                                                                                                              5)  Moon is full (13/16) and is strong; she is the lord of 2nd house (Dhana-sthana; Cancer); she is in Rajya (10th  house; power and authority).  Kanya dasamage poorna-chandra---, thath-paake bahu-vithaapthi, paripoorna-adhikara-daha =  This is a powerful dhana-yoga; this gives ownership of a big business Corporation, namely, Microsoft Corporation and huge financial gains to the person. 
6) Mars in 4th house caused hurdles in his studies; he left student-career in the middle to develop Microsoft programs and computer-technology. His dedicated effort started during Mercury period yielded him grand success, name, fame & billions of dollars of financial gains during Venus’ period.  Mars is conjunct with benefic Mercury; he has the beneficial aspect (7th drushti) of Moon. Mars has subha-argala-yoga; Jupiter and Venus two benefics are in either side (hiouse) of Mars.  So he did not suffer other malefic effects due to Mars.    (to be continued tomorrow)        You can get my full particulars  from my web-site :  You can get my astrological services by contacting me by e-mail:  and know my fee particulars.   I have 48 years of  experience / practice as an active astrologer.