Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Financial Prosperity – Astrological Predictions.

Oct – 31 – 2012                                                         (Wednesday)
Today I anlyse the birth chart of  Sri Chiranjeevi, famous cine-actor, and founder Chairman of Praja Rajyam party in Andhra Pradesh  in India.  He earned  millions of rupees as cine-actor.
Chiranjeevi Cine-Actor               RASI                       22-8-1955     Narasapuram Chitta
Mars Mercury Venus

I analyse his birth chart based on his Indu- lagnam, Libra (position of Moon). I don’t have his accurate birth time. So I can not do  accurate analysis based on his Rasi and Bhava charts, based on his accurate birth time.                                                                                                                                                                                                  (1) 4 planets are in 11th house, Labham;  they give him maximum benefits all his life, and especially  in their periods.                                                                                                       (2) He has pancha- graha-malika yogam.  Lagna adi baana-sabhai eka rasiga  nava                                          -khecharah,  sthithasche  pancha khetakhya Maalika-yogmamuchathe; yath                                   bahu-subha-yoga daayakaha =   5 planets are in a row,  like flowers in a garland, in                                                        10th and 11th houses. He gets maximum benefits from those 5 planets.  He gains name and                                                   fame and success in his efforts.                                                                                                                                                                                               (3) He has pancha-anana-yogam; all the 9 planets are in 5 houses in the chart ;  this gives him best  benefits in life. YADI BHAVATHI GRAHA -INDRAAHA, PANCHA  RAASAU YUKTHAHA,  AUBHA SUBHA-YUTHO, VAA, NEECHA, SATHRU GRAHE VAA, ASUBHAM AKHILAM VINASAM,  NAASA KEMADRUMAADI SSA; BHAVATHI NRUPATHULYO, YOGAM PANCHA-ANANOYAM =  If all the nine planets stay in 5 houses (raasis), all the malefic effects in the horoscope are removed completely; malefic effects like union with malefic planets, stay in                                          malefic houses, stay in inimical houses or ava-yogams like Kemadruma and such bad yogams are                                 removed.                                                                                                       
 (4) He has Saturn, in exaltation,  in Libra, in lagnam. This a Maha-purusha yogam called                                           Shasya yogam; this gives him a top position of a ruler.  So he gets success, prosperity, power, and name and fame.
(5) The lord of 10th house, Cancer, (Rajyam) is Moon.  She is in lagnam. Karma-esae, janma-lagna-sthithe, subha-sthaana gathe,raja-yogo bhave naraha.  This is raja-yogam and gives him a top position and makes him a great leader.                                                                                                                                                            (6) Sun is in his own house Leo in labham; this is highly beneficial; Mercury is conjunct with Sun in Labham; this is strong Budha-Aditya yogam. Ravi, Soumya yuthau thathra sva, utcha sthaana gathe Budha-Aditya yogamutchyathe; vishesha dhana laabhanche, vanijya-vardhanam.  He is already a multi-billionaire (Karore-pathi).  He enjoys best status, riches, power, name and fame and all the best benefits in life.                                                                                                                                                                                      
Today I continue the analysis of the horoscope of Sri Chirnajeevi. famous cine-actor, and founder  Chairman of Praja Rajyam party in Andhra Pradesh  in India.  He earned  millions of rupees as cine-actor.
(7) The periods of Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Venus endow him maha-raja-yogams.                                                   (8)  He already earned billions, success, name and fame as cine-actor during the main period Jupiter.  Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and is in Rajyam (10th house).   Jupiter can also give him power and high position = Aagna-sthaane Jeeve, bala-anvithau, utcha sthaana gathe, jaatsya aagna, adhikaaravaan bhaveth, ithi na-samsayaha.                                                                                                        (9) Present period is Saturn period and Sani is maha-raja-yoga-karaka for him; so the chances for his success in the field of politics are fairly high.  He is now a minister in Center cabinet.                                                                                  (10) Next period is Mercury period and is very highly beneficial.  So 1975—2025 period  bestows him Maha-raja-yogams (royal status).    He also earns millions of rupees in that period.                                                                                                            11)  He has a big problem in his chart.  He has Saturn conjunct with Moon in his Indu-lagna.  He suffers from spurts of emotions, indecisiveness, fear, hesitation to act on key issues and his thinking process may be erratic in some cases.  This is not a good quality to be a successful political leader or a ruler of a state. 
This horoscope may be another example where the Kala-sarpa dosham may not impede  his phenomenal rise to fame, prosperity and power; even in the case of Sri Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the Kala-sarpa-dosham did not impede his rise to power as the Prime Minister and the most effective ruler of India.
12)     But like Nehruji he may suffer all his life with severe problems related to family; his friends and supporters cheating him. Saturn is very strong and exalted in Indu-lagna;  so Saturn’s influence may be very strong on his decisions.  This we find in his indecision to enter politics for over 2 years (2006-2008).  I wish this indecisive nature may not damage his political career and his future decisions and actions, especially in the state politics. I wish casteism, nepotism, corruption and such mal-isms do not poison his future course of career in politics.  I sincerely wish him Best of Luck and Success.   As I feard, it was proved to be a party by BCs and for BCs and of BCs; a caste based party.  It finally merged into Sonia Congress party.  Now he is a cabinet minister in the Center. concluded)    You can get my full particulars  from my web-site :   You can get my astrological services by contacting me by e-mail:  and know my fee particulars.   I have 48 years of  experience / practice as an active astrologer.                                                     ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------