Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Financial Prosperity – Astrological Predictions.
 (Oct—9—2012)                                                                                           Tuesday
I explain some birth charts which support the rules : If the Kaarka (significator) planets are weak, or afflicted, even if they take the person to the business/profession/service indicated by these planets, or the significations of a particular house, the benefits will be poor and will cause financial strains to the person.  Weak Kaarka planets, when afflicted by the functional malefics , can cause severe financial losses  to the native.                                                                                                                   Example: 4
Sun Mercury
Lagna Jupiter Venus
BHAVA.      Apr-22-1950 at 3-15 night  Mrigasira
Jupiter is lord of 2nd (Pisces) Dhana –sthana and of 11th (Sagittarius) Laabha-sthana; he is in birth lagnam strong and well disposed.   This is dhana-yogam. 
1)   Sun is exalted in Aries; Makare thrutheeyastha Ravi stithau, paripoorna su-yogadau, su-kalathravaan =  (Jataka Marthanda)  Sun is highly beneficial and gives many benefits in his periods,  His wife is good and noble and very rich.
2)   Moon is in 4th house (kendram, properties, own house and vehicles and is exalted in Taurus. But Moon is weak; so benefits are moderate. 
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