Sunday, November 11, 2012

Horoscope of  Prophet Muhammad
Nov – 10 -  2012                                                      Saturday
Muhammad, full name: Muhammad Ibn `Abd Allāh Ibn `Abd Muttalib was a leader from Mecca who unified the tribes of Arabia into a single religious polity under Islam. He is believed by Muslims and Bahá'ís to be a messenger and prophet of God.  His parents were Abd-Allah ibn Abd-al-Muttalib, Iman al -Asadi, and Aminah bint Wahhab.   
He was orphaned at an early age and brought up under the care of his uncle Abu Talib. He later worked Muhammadstly as a merchant, as well as a shepherd, and was first married by age 25. Being in the habit of periodically retreating to a cave in the surrounding Muhammaduntains for several nights of meditation and prayer, he later reported that it was there, at age 40, that he received his first revelation from God. Three years after this event Muhammad started preaching these revelations publicly, proclaiming that "God is One", that complete "surrender" to Him (lit. islām) is the only way (dīn) acceptable to God, and that Muhammad himself was a prophet and messenger of God, in the same vein as other Islamic prophets.    (to be continued tomorrow)   ) -------------- I dedicate all these articles in this blog to Sri Parama  Paalakas (Supreme Rulers of this entire Universe): Bhagavan Sri Siddhi Vinayaka,  Sri Lakshmi Narayana and Sri Gouri Sankara and Sri Saraswathi and Bhagavan Sri Venkateswara ! ---------------  You can get my full particulars  from my web-site :  You can get my astrological services by contacting me by e-mail:  and know my fee particulars.   I have 48 years of experience / practice as an active astrologer. =======================================