Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nov-22-2012                                   Thursday

The Janma-lagna is Sagittarius (Dhansu); it is a fiery-sign.  Its lord is Jupiter.
1)              Mars and Moon are conjunct in Taurus; it is Chandra-Managala yoga; but it was spoiled due to the fact that Taurus is 6th(enemy) house (Sathru sthana) from lagna.                                                                                                                                               2)      Jupiter is in 4th house (Kendra- quadrant) form Moon. Gaja-kesari yogoyam Chandra-kendre Bruhaspathihi; Gaja-kesari yoga sanjatho, subha-yogam, satha aayu praapthihi If Moon is waxing and full / strong,  the yoga is strong and the person enjoys prosperity and royal comforts in life. So it is Gaja-kesari yoga; this gives him prosperous and happy life, long-life-span and success in efforts.                   3)      Sun is in his own house, Leo, is beneficial; he has highest longitude.  Jupiter is conjunct with Sun in 9th house (Bhagya); he is prosperous, lucky and succeeded in business and later in ISKCON activities. Jupiter yoga-kaaraka (aspects (5th drushti) birth lagna) is closely conjunct with Ketu, the signficator of Moksha (liberation). Sun is very strong in Leo.  But Jupiter as lord of birth-lagna and by Veeryakoti principle, Jupiter played a dominant role and the person Srila Prabhupada was a great devotee of Sri Maha Vishnu from his childhood onwards.  Also as the lagna-lord Jupiter and as Thanu and Aatma-kaarka Sun bestowed him strong Saatwik nature.  The Manthrapada (Manthra-arudham) denoted by A-5 falls in Gemini.  Its lord Mercury is in karma-sthana (10th house) in his own house and is exalted.  So he was attached to Bhagavan (Lord) Sri Krishna,  He had Venus, (debilitated) conjunct with Mercury in karma-sthana (the debilitation was removed); so he was a great devotee of Sri Radha Devi along with Bhagavan Sri Krishna.                                                                                                                                        4)     Lagna-esae Kendra, kona sthithe mithra-alaye jaathaha keerthiyutho = The position of lagna lord (Jupiter) in 9th house (Bhagya), and Mercury in exaltation in the house of profession (10th house) and Gaja-Kesari yoga bestowed him prosperity and success in business and financial gains in business, during his life before he took Sanyasi-deekasha (life of an ascetic).
5)          Due to the position of Lagna-lord Jupiter in his friend’s(Sun) house (Leo0 in kona (trines) (9th house), he earned everlasting fame and name as a great saint (Maharshi) for his noble task of starting ISKCON and spreading Sri Krishna bhakthi-vedantha all over the world.                                                                           5) Rahu in 3rd house gave him Kubera yoga and he earned good income from his business during his middle age.                                                                                                                  6)     Lakshmi-sthaanam thrikonancha; Vishnu-sthaanancha kendraaha.thayo sambandha mathrena ,  Raja-yoga adhiakam, bhaveth !  =  1,5,9 houses from birth lagnam (ascendant) are called trikonams (trines);  1,4,7,10 houses from birth lagam are called kendrams (quadrants); if the lords of trikonam and kendram are conjunct in same beneficial house, the person is blessed with Raja-yogam; if these lords exchange their places also in good houses, they give many benefits, the person gets longevity, health, wealth, happiness, name and fame.  In this chart, Jupiter is lord of lagna (Dhanasu) and 4th house (Meena) and he is in 9th house (Bhagya) a konam.  So he had prosperity and also success in his efforts.
8)   Kalpa Vruksha yoga is present in the above natal charts.  (1) Birth lagna is Sagittarius. Its lord is Jupiter.   (2) Guru is in 9th house (Leo). Sun is the lord of Leo and so is the dispositor of the lagna-lord Jupiter. Sun is in 9th house (Kona; Sri Lakshmi sthana)  (3)  Sun is in his own house Leo.  So the dispositor of Sun is Sun.  (9) In Navamsa chart, Sun is in Virgo.  So Mercury is the dispositor of Sun.  Mercury is in 10th house (Kendra; Sri Narayana sthana) from birth lagna in Rasi chart.  Thus all the conditions for Kalpa-vruksha yoga applied to these charts.  So he enjoyed all these benefits.

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