Thursday, November 5, 2009

Female Horoscopy - Part -1

Namaste! I returned to my home in Durham from my native home in Visakhapatnam in India after enjoying 27 days of vacation from my astrology-practice. I plan to start publishing daily articles on various topics of astrology in my blog from today, Nov—5—2009 (Thursday) onwards. I fondly believe millions of persons continue to read my articles, get benefitted and appreciate them.

Some Important aspects related to Female Horoscopy
A careful study of the female horoscopy may be of immense utility in view of the rapid advancement that women are making from all walks of life; now they are not mere house-wives, they are professionals and play a vital role in money-earning, future-planning, management of present and future family situations. Some ladies even occupy important positions as CEO s and adminstrators (IAS officers). Some are involved in professions like lawyers, doctors, auditors and the like. Madam Mary Curie (who won Nobel Prize for Science twice and was the founder-director of Curie Reseach Insitutute), Smt. Indira Gandhi (ex-Prime Minister of India; 1966-84); Smt. Margaret Thatcher (ex-Prime Minister of U.K.), Smt. Haseena Begum (Prime Minister of Banagladesh); Smt, Sirimovo Bandarunayake (ex-Prime Minister / President of Sri Lanka)Smt. Sonia Gandhi (de-facto sole-monarch of India during 2004—2014) are some illustrious examples of eminent ladies who commanded top-most positions and ruled the people.
I shall now explain some important planetary combinations in natal chart and their results with examples: PART—1 (Nov--5—2009)
1.The complexion and beauty of general appearance of a lady can be ascertained fro the rising sign at the time of birth. Marital happiness must be consulted from the eighth house. The seventh house gives information about the passions, husband's character and her fortunes. The pregnancy, issues, conception and abortion related matters can be determined from the fifth house.









RAASI- Sumathi Agarwal Example









Thanu Bhavam:











The birth lagnam is Simham and the lord is Sun. She has short-temper, ego and tries to rule and control family members and others in the office. Venus is in the lagnam; she is intelligent, thinker, artist (singer), and has noble character; she gets very nice and good natured and amicable husband. He is very intelligent and efficient and is in high position in job and earns lakhs of dollars per year.

Karaka (significantor) is Sun and is in labha (11th house); she has good nature and loves her parents and sisters and their families and helps them very much. She has hale and healthy and sturdy body. Saturn is conjunct with Sun and aspects (drushti) birth-lagna (3rd); so she has dark complexion.

Marital happiness: She has Jupiter (Guru) in his own house in 8th house. So she gets complete marital happiness. Her husband is very nice, generous, good natured and docile and obedient to her, She enjoys heavenly joy in married life. Her every wish is fulfilled immediately. Her 7th house is aquarius and its lord is Saturn and is in labham. So she gets very good natured husband, obedient to her. She gets very furious (lioness; Leo) if her word is not obeyed or her wish is not fulfilled, immediately. Progeny: The 5th house is Sagittarius; and its lord is Jupiter and is in his own house (Pisces); in 8th house (randhra), Sun and Saturn aspect (drushti) the 5th house. Kaarka is Budha and in 10th house. She likes only girl-child. So she has a daughter, hale, healthy and happy; but Jupiter in randhra house and Saturn’s drushti cause frequent abortions; she had 2 abortions in 3 years. Jupiter is own house in aayu-sathanam (8th house) bestows her longevity.

Chandra-Mangala yoga: Mars and Moon are conjunct in 9th house (Bhgya); this gives her luck and success in life and she is rich and prosperous. Her husband is a multi-millionare (dollars) in USA.

Sarala yoga :- Jupiter is the lord of 8th house (Pisces); he is in his own house in Pisces. This causes Sarla yoga; she is blessed with good longevity. She is fearless, learned and a terror to her enemies, celebrated and prosperous.

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