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Raja yogas in vedic astrology--Part--17

Raja-yogams in Vedic astrology

Part—17. (Jan—17—2009)

Vipareetha Raja-yoga ( Excellent comforts)

Rule :-- If the two or more lords of 6th, 8th or 12th houses stay in conjuction in 6th, 8th or 12th houses or have exchange yogam (stay in each other’s house), the person enjoys royal comforts and affluence in life during the main-periods of those planets.. No malefics should be related to these planets, which ruin the raja-yogam. Also other planets should not conjunct with these 2 or 3 planets; then the yogam is ruined. In this chart, the lord of 6th house(Scorpio) is Mars; the lord of 8th House(Capricorn) is Saturn; Mars and Saturn are conjunct in 8th house.(Capricorn). So the person enjoyed excellent raja-yogam in Mar’s main-period. Venus is in his own house, konam, with Jupiter is aadhikya-yogam. Mercury, Venus & Jupiter conjunct in konam (5th) is highly beneficial.

















Pancha-anana yogam is present; Sun -, Mercury conjuct is Budha-Aditya yogam. But Sun is debilitated in Libra. Sahsta, Ashta, Vyaya adhipe sahashta, ashta, vyaya sthana gathe Vipareetha-raja yoga muchyathe; akhanda raja-yoga

prapthi na samsayaha.

Example : 2

Vipareeta Raja Yoga : Tennis World Champion (3 times Wimbledon Winner) Ms.Venus Williams. She has many raja-yogas. She is a billionaire and leads the life of a Queen.





Sun Mercury

. -6-

BHAAVA June-17-1980 @14-12 at Lynwood;CA


. Ketu

Moon Mars Jupiter



. -3-



There are 4 planets in the 12th house (Vyaya; a malefic house). . The 12th house is a house of loss, expenditure, isolation, and planets placed therein are generally considered malefic. However, this is actually a special Raja Yoga or 'Royal' Yoga called Vipareeta Raja Yoga; this is formed when the ruler of a dusthana (malefic) house, the 6, 8, or 12th house, is placed in another dusthana (malefic) house. The classical astrological texts praise this yoga by describing: Sahsta, Ashta, Vyaya adhipe sahashta, ashta, vyaya sthana gathe Vipareetha-raja yoga muchyathe; akhanda raja-yoga prapthi na samsayaha = "This yoga confers learning, longevity, fame and prosperity. The person will have illustrious friends, be successful in all ventures, a conqueror of foes, and a great celebrity." Saturn is the lord of 6th and Mars is the lord of 8th house and they are both in the 12th house in her natal chart. Ms. Venus has all these benefits in her life.
This Vipareeta Raja Yoga is enhanced thousand-fold because the Moon is one of the four planets present in the 12th house. When the Moon is the ascendant, that is the Indu lagna is considered, several Raja Yogas are formed, by the combining of the lords of the 4th, 5th, 7th and 9th houses. Raja Yogas give a meterioc rise in career, business and financial prosperity and overall success in all aspects of life. Gaja-kesari yoga, Chandra-Manglala yoga and the like. These yogas contribute to her ability to earn millions of money easily and accumulate huge wealth even though it is in the 12th house (of losses) from birth lagna. The combined benefits of all the above aspects made her very happy, healthy and a multi-billionaire (to be continued tomorrow).

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