Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bhagavan Sri Krishna Parama-atma's Natal chart analysis--Part-2


Part---2. (Aug—23—2008) Sri Krishna Jayanthi holy day

Lord Krishna

I am happy, lucky and blessed by God (Lord) Sri Krishna, to analyse the horoscope of Lord Sri Krishna; Supreme God, incarnation of God Sri Maha Vishnu. Sri Krishna arpana-masthu = I dedicate all this horoscope-analysis to the lotus feet of Lord Sri Krishna Bhagavaan !

1) Birth lagna is Taurus and Venus is its lord. Exalted moon (47*45’) is very near birth lagna (50*41’). Vrushabha lagne Chandra stithau, su-roopam; paripoorna bhagyadaha = Moon bestows him handsome and strong body and the period of Moon is highly beneficial to him. 2) Saturn’s (yoga-kaaraka for Taurus) drushti (aspect) is on Moon and birth lagna; so Sri Krishna is very handsome. Venus, Moon, Mars and Saturn have dominant influence and this combined beneficial effect has given Sri Krishna a very graceful and handsome appearance.

3) Venus is in nis own house (5th from Lagna) in Nava amsa chart; this bestowed him magnanimous nature: he was epitome of courtesy and kindness even to poor person like Kuchela; and to lwo born Chandala and servant-maid Kubja (as we find in Bhagavahta).

3) Mars is in cancer and is debilitated; and gave him neecha-bhange raja-yoga; Mars is martial nature planet; he has Varga-uttama-amsa; this gave Sri Krishna invincible martial powers; Mars in 3rd house (courage & bravery). He fought bravely and killed hundreds of mighty raakshasas like Kamsa, Sisupala, Dantavakra. His tact, courage, resourcefulness in battle field are extolled several times in Sri Bhagavatha. He caused death of Kaalnemi like raakshasaas by tact, because they can not be killed in face-to-face fight by the boons they acquired.

All these super-yogas made him a Ruler of the world and an Emperor of the entire Universe.

Mercury is exalted in Virgo, his own house and is in 5th house (Kona; Sri Maha Lakshmi stanam). Vrushabhe panchame Soumye, akhanda raja-yogasya, vidya, vahana, udyoga, puthra labhadaha = The person enjoys the stature and comforts and life of an Emperor; he gifted with highest level of learning; he has numerous vehicles, horses, and elelpahnts; highest power and profession (he ruled the Universe); he is blessed with highly renowned children. 4) Moon is the planet of emotions; she is exalted in birth lagna; so Sri Krishna had lot of emotional attachment to his devotees and hastens to rescue them without any delay; ex: Draupadi devi at the time of her modesty being attacked in Kaurava royal court by Demon-brothers Duryodhana and Dussasana and others. This also gave him serenity of mind and is unmoved in the most difficult and precarious situations; ex. at the time of his visit to Kaurava’s royal court as ambassador of Pandavas to encourage Kauravas to abstain from war and give some share in the kingdom, Kauravas tried to harm him; he did not lose his composure and dealt them in befitting way.

5) Mercury is the lord of 2nd (house of speech) and 5th (house of intellect) and is in Virgo (5th; house) and is exalted. This bestowed him highest intelligence, power of speech to convince persons and turn them to his side tactfully. He is an intellectual giant; he posses the highest power of underatnding; he tactfully dealt with Duryodhana when he aproached him for support in Kurushethra war and helped Arjua. He dealt with various virtues and deceptions all his life quire successfully. The ideal disposition of Mercury gave him uncanny diplomacy, skills of tackling and unlimited vision; he possessed boundless power of thinking and planning. He planned several incidents and mainly the Kurukshetra war and executed his plans so meticulously that always his plans were successful and yielded the results he wanted.

6) Lord Sri Krishna has Moon’s period (Chandra Maha Dasa) running at the time of birth. Krishna Ashtami Moon is waning and is 50% beneficial; 50% malefic. Saturn’s drushti (aspect) on lagna is malefic. Mars (lord of 7th house; marakasthaana (death-causing) is in 3rd house ruled by Moon So he suffered fierce attacks from demons like Poothana, Vrushabhasura, Sakatasura and the like; due to his divine nature, he killed them all and saved himself very easily. During the periods of Moon and Mars, he suffered many bala-arishtas (dangers of life during childhood) His birth star is Rohini; it causes danger to the life of his maternal uncle (Demon King Kamsa). The Bala-arishtas of Sri Krishna ended with his killing Kamsa, as part of his life’s mission.

7) During Rahu main period, he destroyed most of the demons like Mushti, Chaanoora, Demon King Kamsa, Sisupala, Kalanemi, Madhu, Kaitabha and many more. During the period of Jupiter he maintained peace and tranquility in the world and helped Pandavas from their troubles.

During the period of Saturn, he wielded his power and guided the Kurukshethra war and completed the destruction of evil forces prevalent in the form of Kauravas and their associates.; and protected dharma (righteousness) in the world. He showered his blessings profusely on his devotees King Bhishma, Vidura, Akroora and bestowed them moksha (freedom from cycle of birth and death; salvation).

8) Vrushe’ sendhau la savithur theekshan shuthanayoh suhruth jayaa khasyaur bhavathi niyamaan manavapathihi = If Vrushabha (Taurus) is birth lagna and Moon (Chandra) is in it, Sun (Ravi) is in Leo (Simha). Saturn (Sani) is in Aquarius (Kumbha), the person will certainly be an Emperor. He is, like Sun, is very brilliant hero and unconquerable. 9) Jupiter is in the 4th house (kendra) Sanamanadhyo, dhana, vahana, bhavnadai sanjatha harshaha, purusha ssadaivaha, nrupa-anukampana upaatha sampath; ambholi bhrun-manthrini bhoothalasthe = Sri Krishna is worshpped by millions of people then and now; all the kings and emperors adored him as the Supreme Lord; he received invaluable gifs and offerings from many kings and rulers. He is the perennial fountain of Brahma-ananda; a soruce of infinite bliss and happiness. He possesses all the land (Universe); he is omniscient (poseesed all knowledge and wisdom); all his relatives, friends and devotees prosper well and are immensely benefited by his grace . Sri Krishna was an eptome of rich and benevolent sympathy and responsive divine generosity and munificence. 10) Ravi, Jeeva samyuthau yathra Ravi paake su-yogadaha; Guru daaye maha-yogam; ithi nischayaha = The conjunction of Sun and Jupiter is highly beneficial. Both Sun and Jupiter bestow him the best benefits. Also this combination made him a teeror to his enemies and a ever-helping friend to his friends, relatives, wise people and his devotees.

11) Saturn is the lord of Bhagya (9th) and Rajya (10th) houses; he is very highly beneficial to Vrushabha (Taurus) lagna native. Saturn alone can give high benefits without any conjugation = Vrushabhasyacha Mandaika dharma-karma-adhip-bhaveth; Sani eakam subham-daanthum samartho. Saturn aspects (drushti on10th) the 4th house and Sun (Atma-kaaraka) and Jupiter (Dharma and Karma karaka) in Leo. So Sri Krishna possessed a msiilnary zeal to protect Dharma and the rightesous. This is the main purpose of his avathar (incarnation).

12) The lord of Lagna (Venus) and the lord of vyaya (12th house) (Mars) and Rahu are conjunct in 3rd house (upachaya); this explains the occuracne of birth of Sri Krishna in prison.

13) Jupiter is the lord of 11th house (Pisces); house of elder brothers; je in Kendra in 4th house and gained 8 navamsas. He is aspected (10th drushti) by Saturn and Saturn is conjunct with Rahu in nava-amsa. This explains the reason of his birth as the 8th issue to his parents; and all his elder brothers were slain by Demon-king Kamsa.

14) Moon is mathru-kaaraka (significator of mother) and is exalted; Sun is pithru-kaaraka (Significator of father) and is in his own house Leo in kendra (4th house) and is strong. So Sri Krishna gave immense joy and happiness by releasing his parents from prison; also they lived hale, healthy and happy and had very long-life-span. (to be continued tomorrow). Am Namo Sri Krishna Bhagavan. ===================== My booklet on Moral values propounded in Bhagavad-geetha won the Best Book Award, in an open-competition, from world-renowned Sri Chinmaya Mission; Trissur, Kerala; India during 1995. You can get my full particulars from my web-site You can get my astrological services by contacting me by e-mail: and know my fee particulars. I have 44 years of experience / practice as an active astrologer