Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Part—3 (August—5—2008)

Now let me explain the horoscope of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India.








Nov-14-1889 at 11-36 night; Allahabad
















This is the horoscope of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru; first Prime Minister of India. Moon is in his own house in birth lagnam; Cancer; he is royal & has strong personality& diplomacy; he has lot of receptivity, compassion, flexibility or adjustability and has ability to understand other's problems and feelings. He is a visionary and loved India; he is, in fact, the architect of modern India. Saturn in 2nd house and Jupiter in 6th house made him a great Orator. Jupiter is in his own house, in 6th house; he conquered his enemies and carved out his career and achieved greatness by his self-effort only. Venus is in his own house (Kendram; 4th ) and is conjunct with Mercury. This gave him high level of education and qualities of a great genius and writer of renowned books, which prove his profound knowledge & scholarship and true perspective of history and culture of India (Pandit).

Kaal Sarp Yoga : Nehru is deemed to have Kaal Sarp Dosha in his birth-chart, This Yoga is formed when all planets are between Rahu and Ketu. Later, we also found details of Ardh Kaal Sarp Yoga, Partial Kaal Sarp Yoga and so on, which as per our view is of no use. some astrologers believe that if this Yoga is formed between Rahu and Ketu it is Kaal Sarpa Dosha (malefic) and if it is formed between Ketu and Rahu, it is 'Kala Sarp Yoga' (beneficial).. Controversies apart, here we offer a simple explanation to this. Kaal Sarp Yoga is formed when all planets are between Rahu and Ketu. Rahu is a 'Chhaya Graha' or 'Tamas' has negative effect over the chart, if this Yoga is formed. Rahu is mouth and Ketu is Tail. In Jawaharlal Nehru's birth chart, Jupiter is conjunct with Ketu; Jupiter is at 15 degrees in Sagittatius and Ketu is at 12 degree in the same house. so as it is, Ketu will move backward and will not cross Jupiter's degree. More over Rahu does not cross any planet in his chart thus Kaal Sarpa dosham is not formed, as per the view of some astrologers. So Nehru did not have any dosham (malefic effect) which retarded his glory or great yogams in his life, they say.

But in our opinion he did not enjoy his prime years of life. His wife was ill for years and she finally died. For about 3 decades, he dedicated his life for independence struggle; he was one of the key-persons in that fight. He spent several years in prisons. He underwent severe troubles; later his tenure as prime minister of India was not a carpet of roses; he always had mental tensions due to Pakistan’s aggressions, and Chinese’s aggression on India and international unrest due to cold-war problems. He suffered mental agony due to Chinese betrayal and cruel aggression. He finally had brain hemorrhage in Simla and died. All this, in our opinion, is due to Kala-sarpa dosham’s malefic effect. (to be continued tomorrow)======

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