Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kuja Dosham-Malefic disposition of Mars-Part--7

Part—7 (August—17—2008)

17) According to famous astrologer, Dr. B. V. Raman, Kuja Dosha is removed in the following conditions :

a. If Mars is in 2nd house in any of the signs of Mercury, i.e., Gemini or Virgo.
b. If Mars is in 4th house in own sign, i.e., Aries or Scorpio.
c. If Mars is in 7th house in exaltation or debilitation, i.e., Capricorn or Cancer.
d. If Mars is in 8th house in any of the signs of Jupiter, i.e., Sagittarius or Pisces.
e. If Mars is in 12th house in any of the signs of Venus, i.e., Taurus or Libra.
f. If Mars is in any house in Aquarius or Leo.

However, some believe that these conditions though weaken the Dosha, but do not completely remove the dosha. I feel that this might be correct.

During the past 44 years, we studied many books and horoscopes carefully, but could not find uniformity of opinions among scholars; we found no guidelines to adopt from their books. Among the 6 examples, we gave above, there is Kuja-dosham in the horoscope chart of 2; by the position of Mars in the lagnam-house (ASC); the distance between Kethu and Kuja is considerable; the pairing effect of Kuja and Kethu is absent. In the other 5 examples, the Kuja dosham is remedied, due to the application of rules of exemption, we cited above.

So it appears to us that there is no need to fear too much about Kuja dosham (mal-dispositon of Mars) in the horoscopes of bride and groom. You can chant the following mantra for Kuja dosha nivaaranam, 108 times daily, during the malefic periods of Mars: "Om Namo Mangale, Mangala-adhaare, Maangalye, mangala-pradhe, Mangala-artham, mangaleshi, sou-maangalyam che dehi me; aayu, arogya, aiswaryam dehime dhiyam !" (to be continued). ===== You can get my full particulars from my web-site : You can get my astrological services by contacting me by e-mail: and know my fee particulars. I have 44 years of experience / practice as an active astrologer.