Monday, August 25, 2008

Neecha-bhanga Raja-yogam-

Neecha-bhanga Raja-yogam

If a planet is in Neecha (debilitation) in birth-house (lagnam), the planet gives malefic results to the person. But if that debilitation is removed (neecha-bhanga), the person enjoys beneficial results. If the lord of that house in which the planet is debilitated or the planet which is exalted for that house is in kendram (1,4,7, or 10) from the Moon, the debilitation is removed and the planet gives very beneficial results (raja-yogam). I explain this topic in this short article.

Part—1 (August—25—2008) Neecha Bhanga

A debilitated planet is in its most feeble state, there are merely ways the planet is strengthened therefore lessening the effects of the debilitated planet. A weak planet will cause problems pertaining to the significations for that planet, also the dasha cycles of that planet can cause severe problems. Neecha means debilitated and bhanga means removal. Here are the main ways by which the debility of the planet can be modified, or cancelled. It is very important to consider this aspect in natal chart during its interpretation. In the opinion of renowned astrologers like Sri B.V.Raman and other ancient and present day astrologers the debilitation of the planet is removed as follows.

1) Lord of the house occupied by a debilitated planet, is in a Kendra house (angle) (1,4,7 or 10) from the Lagna or Indu-lagnam (the house Moon exists).
2) The planet which gets exalted in the sign where a planet is debilitated is in a Kendra house from the lagna or the Indu-lagnam (Moon).
3) The lord of the exaltation house of the debilitated planet is in a Kendra from the Lagna or the Indu-lagnam (Moon). (to be continued tomorrow) ==============

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