Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Neecha Bhanga Raja-yoga; Part--3

Part—3. (August—27—2008)

Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga

* Mercury gets debilitaion in pisces, if lord of the pisces /Jupiter/ aspect the mercury ,That is powerful
neecha banga Raja yogam. generally debilitated mercury gives less happiness in the family life.

* When benefic (Jupiter, Mercury, full moon. Venus) planets get debilitation - the good virtue of the native gets suppressed. ( particularly Jupiter ). When malefic planets ( Saturn, Mars, Sun) get debilitation (neecha) the bad effect of the native gets suppressed.

* Generally debilitated mercury gives less happiness in the family life and failure in business.

* Debilitated Venus may delay the marriage or the spouse may be cruel or the spouse may belong to an alien group / tribe. Persons belonging to other religions or countries are also classified as alien or mlescha group people.

Raja yoga occurs only when the debilitated planet occupies a Kendra (benefic house), otherwise it’s debility is merely removed. (to be continued tomorrow) ==============

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