Friday, August 15, 2008

Kuja Dosham-Malefic disposition of Mars

Part—5 (August—15—2008)

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4) If Moon and Kuja are together in the same house, there is no Kuja dosham. 5) If Sani (Saturn) & Kuja (Mars), or if Kuja & Raahu or if Kuja & Kethu pair in same house.

6) If Mars & Guru (Jupiter),or Mars & Budha (Mercury) are together in the same house. Or if Guru or Budha are aspecting (seeing) Mars.

7) If a person is born in Karkatakam (Cancer), or Simham (Leo), or Makaram (Capricorn) lagna

8) If Mars is in 2nd house from the houses of Guru (Jupiter), Budha (Mercury) or Sani (Saturn).

9) If Sani (Saturn) is aspecting (seeing) Mars (Kuja).

10) If lagnam (birth house) or Moon (Chandra) or Sukra (Venus) is in the houses of Venus (Sukra), Vrushabham (Taurus) or Thula (Libra), and if Mars is in 4th or 7th house from the above.

11) If Mars is in 2nd or 12th house from lagnam (ASC) or Chandra (Moon) or Sukra (Venus) and those houses are own houses of Budha (Mercury), Mithunam (Gemini) or Kanya (Virgo).

12) If Mars (Kuja) is in 4th or 7th or 12th house from Lagnam (ASC) or Chandra (Moon) or Sukra (Venus) and those houses are own houses of Sukra (Venus), Vrushabham (Taurus) or Thula (Libra).

13) If Mars is in 8th house from lagnam, or Moon or Venus and that 8th house is the own house of Guru (Jupiter), Dhanasu (Sagittarius) or Meenam (Pisces).

14) The 7th house from lagnam (birth house=ASC=ascendant) is the house of spouse (kalathra); if Mars (Kuja) is in 7th house, the spouse may die in periods of Kuja (Mars). If that 7th house is Mesham (Aries) or Karkatakam (Cancer) or Vruschikam (Scorpio) or Makaram (Capricorn), no Kuja-dosha

Well-known astrologers of present times, Relangi, Tangirala, Pidaparthi Poornaih wrote in their Panchangams (Ephemeris) and books, that Kuja-dosham is not applicable if there is Kuja dosham from lagnam and from Moon house and Venus house – all three houses in same horoscope. Their opinion does not appear to be justified; also that opinion has no support from the standard works (writings) of great sages, and profound scholars of ancient astrology. (to be continued tomorrow) =========== You can get my full particulars from my web-site : You can get my astrological services by contacting me by e-mail: and know my fee particulars. I have 44 years of experience / practice as an active astrologer.