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Compatibility of horoscopes for marriages

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Part--5 (August—01—2008)

Groom’s analysis for yogas in his horoscope








Sun Mercury


RASI Groom Phalguna Punnami Star=Purva Phalguni














Birth lagnam, Indu-lagnam and Aarudha-lagnam; all these 3 fall in Leo (Simha) house is good.

1. Ravi and Budha are in same house, gives Budha aaditya yoga. This gives the person, hale and healty life and sturdy body and Budha gives prosperity and success in business and he enjoys royal luxuries.

2. Gaja-kesari yogoyam, Chandra kendre Bruhaspathihi, Kesari yoga sanjatho, satham-aayur, raja-yogam, na samsayaha = Moon and Jupiter are in mutually in 7th houses and aspect each other. This is Gaja-kesari yogam, this gives the person healthy and happy life, and high level of prosperity. He enjoys long life span and gets high level of education. He gains name and fame.

3. Adhi yogam : If there are benefic planets in 6th, 7th, and or 8th house, from the house of Moon, the person is prosperous, and gains name and fame. Sukra is in 6th house and Guru and Budha are in 7th house. So he enjoys royal comforts all his life.

4. Lagna-adhi yogam : If Jupiter or Venus are associated with Mercury in the 6th ,7th or 8th houses or if they are spread out in these three houses without any malefic association, a very beneficial yoga known as Lagnadhi yoga is formed, the effects of which are as under :- "The person born under the Lagnadhi yoga will become a minister, a commander or a ruler (of a District or Province). He will have one wife only, will be well-behaved, long-lived, virtuous and without foes.

5. Longevity : Saturn (the signficator of aayu, logevity) is in upachaya (11th house; laabham) in friend‘s house; the lord of 8th house (aayu-sthana) is Jupiter and is in 7th house (kendra) forming strong Gaja-kesari yoga.

6. If three benefics stay in Kendra (Sri Narayana-sthana) houses, the person enjoys prosperity and happiness in life. Full moon is in birth lagnam; Mercury and Jupiter are in 7th house.

7. Parivarthana (Exchange) yoga : Mercury is in Aquarius (lord Saturn); Saturn is in Gemini (lord is Mercury). This is Maha Suha yogam and will be beneficial to him and both their periods give him benefits.

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