Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kuja Dosham-Malefic disposition of Mars-Part--6

Part—6 (August---16—2008)

If Mars (Kuja) is in 12th house from lagnam, Moon or Venus, in both the horoscopes of the male B and female G, the remedy / exemption of Kuja-dosham in both horoscopes is same; the dosham (defect) in one horoscope is remedied by the dosham in the second horoscope.

5) Some astrologers are of opinion, that Mars in 1st, 4th or 8th house from lagnam, or Moon or Venus in horoscopes of the male B, does not harm the wife G. Similarly, the Mars in 2nd or 7th houses from lagnam, Moon or Venus in the horoscope of female G, does not harm her husband B.

6) Well known contemporary astrologers and writers of Panchangam books published by Tirupathi-Tirumla Devasthanam of God Sri Venkateswara express their opinion as follows: a) If Mars (Kuja) is in 2nd or 12th houses from lagnam, Moon, or Venus in the horoscopes of male B, Mars harms the person B , also his wife G in periods of Mars. (b) If Mars is in 4th or 7th houses from Lagnam, Moon or Venus in the horoscope of female G. also her husband B, Kuja harms in his periods. ( c ) If Mars in 8th house from the lagnam, Moon or Venus, in the horoscope of B or G, Kuja dosham exists and it harms the person B or G, in the periods of Mars. (to be continued) ==============

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