Monday, June 16, 2008

Bill Clinton's Horoscope has Neecha bhanga Raja yogam

Today(June-16-2008) I explain the

horoscope of Bill Clinton, erstwhile

President of U.S.A.; I mention

Raja-yogams and explain Neecha-

bhanga-raja-yoga (removal of

debilitation of a planet) in his

natal chart.




Raasi . Bill Clinton; Erstwhile President of U.S.A. Aug-19-1946 9 AM (CST)











In the horoscope of Bill Clinton, Venus

is debilitated. Jupiter, the lord of Venus’

exaltation house, Pisces, is in Kendra

(7th) from the Moon, forming a

Neechabhanga Raja Yoga. Mercury is

Venus’ debilitation lord, is also in

Kendra (4th) from the Moon, forming

yet another Neechabhanga Raja Yoga.

Venus is the lord 2nd (family and

wealth), and the 9th (father) houses.

His father died before he was born,

his family life was disrupted; he

was brought up by his grandparents.

His mother remarried, but to an

alchoholic who abused him and his

mother and wasted his mother’s

earnings. All this suffering gave a

great deal of motivation to become

great & rich through the planets that

cancel Venus’ debilitation, Jupiter

and Mercury. In Jupiter-Mercury

he became president of the USA.

In Venus sub-period, Clinton

suffered due to his affair with

Monika Lewinsky caused by Venus’

debilitation. We must note that the

dasa and antardasa of the debilitated

planet still cause troubles & losses

even if there is a Neechabhanga

Raja Yoga. Sun is in Vyayam (12th);

in own house; this makes him offer

cooperation, harmonious co-

existence, and peaceful and

non-violent nature He has Gaja-

Kesari yoga due to Moon-Jupiter

(in opposition); he is highly wealthy

and successful in life. He has ubhay-

achari yoga; planets are in previous

and next house of Sun; this yoga can

strengthen the beneficial aspects in the

natal chart and make him prosperous.

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