Saturday, June 28, 2008

M.S.Subbulakshmi-world-renowned saint-musician-Raja yogas

Today ( June—28—2008) I analyse the horoscope of world-renowned Indian musician Smt. M.S. Subbu-lakshmi (1916—2004). She was honoured with the award of highest BHARATH RATNA. She was honoured in U.N.O. New York for her outstanding music-performance with standing ovation in 1966. She was a noble lady and great philanthropist and donated all her earnings, millions of rupees, for charitable purposes. She was a great devotee of God; she was a saint-musician.

Moo Jup


RASI M.S.Subbu-Lakshmi Sept-16-1916 at Madurai






Libra Mars

Sun Mer


We analyse this horoscope based on Indu lagna, Aries. (1) Gaja-kesari yoga: in Indu lagna is excellent yoga. She was prosperous and enjoyed royal comforts in life. (2) Kahala yoga : Lord of 4th house (Kendra) is Moon; Lord of 9th house (konam) is Jupiter; they are conjunct; she was daring and held a highly adored place of an empress of music world (as Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru rightly praised her) in Indian Music. Lakshmi-sthaanam

thrikonancha; Vishnu-sthaanancha kendraaha thayo sambandha mathrena, Raja-yoga adhiakam, bhaveth != She enjoyed raja-yoga all her life.

(3) Chandra -Mangla yoga : Mars and Moon are mutually in opposition; raja-yogam; this gave her success in worldly affairs and in profession / career as musician; she gained in all aspects in this material world.

(5) Budha-adity yoga: Mercury is

exalted and Sun is conjunct; she

gets prosperity and success in carrer.

(6) Venus, Moon, Jupiter in Kendras (1,4 houses); strong Saraswathi yoga made her top-most carnatic musician in the world. (7) Daana yoga :Ketu is in 4th house with Saturn. She did not amass wealth or earn properties. She donated millions of rupees of her earnings for charitable purposes and people in real distress and destitutes. (8) Venus in 4th (Vidya) house made her expert musician and artist.

(9) Panchanana-yoga : all 9 planets are in 5 houses; this made her rich and prosperous.

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