Sunday, June 15, 2008

Raja yogams in the horoscope of Mukhesh Ambani-Reliance Industries

Today (June—15—2008) I continue to
explain the raja-yogams in the horoscope
of the world- famous business tycoon Sri Mukhesh Ambani., owner of Reliance Industries.





Moon Venus Rahu






Jupiter Ketu

Lagnam Mercury



In the Nava Amsa chart : (1) Jupiter occupies his own Nava-amsa in Sagittarius. Saturn occupies his own
Nava-amsa in Capricorn. (2) Mars in Virgo and Mercury in Scorpio is Parivarthana (Exchange) yogam, is highly beneficial. All these beneficial aspects give him a great lift to the highest level of prosperity. Again in the Rasi chart

1) Mars is in 8th house (randhram) and so causes disputes relating to property matters and causes him tensions and worries. Also Mars is in Mrigsira (star) causes him blame and defamation in his family.

2) Sun is exalted in Aries and is with Mercury. This is strong Budha-Aditya yogam ; this gives him excellent brain power which enables him to develop and manage a multi-national business organization quite successfully and earn millions of billions in business.

3) The birth lagna is Libra and the lagna-lord is Venus is in the 7th house (kendram; Sri Naryana-sthanam); Venus is conjunct with an exalted Sun, and Mercury and Ketu . An exalted Sun, makes him a King / ruler with large heartedness and leadership qualities. Ketu (a planet leading to spirituality and signifies DHWAJ), along with Mercury, a planet governing finance and business acumen endows him success in business ventures. The exalted Sun with Mercury and Ketu along with Lagna-Lord Venus in the 7th house makes him a successful industrialist. Exalted Sun in this 7th position raises him in character, rank and dignity to the level of an emperor.
4) Moon represent mind and is in the house of Jupiter; so his mind takes care of value systems. The aspect of Jupiter (5th house) on Moon, enriches and strengthens it further.
5) Mercury gives him business acumen. It gives the power of diversified and a multifarious keen, brisk and energetic intellect required for business-magnet. Mercury governs intellect. ================================== You can get my full particulars from my web-site You can get my astrological services by contacting me
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