Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rajanikant's horoscope has raja yogams

Today (June-22-2008; Sunday),

I continue to analyse the

horoscope of a very

famous, highly successful cine


Part : 2

Vesi yogam makes him happy,

truthful and of balanced nature.

Moon is the lord of Vyaya (12th ;

malefic) house, and is in 6th

house (Satru; malefic) This is

Viparya raja-yogam which lifts

him lofty heights of greatness;

his name and fame are wide-spread

in many foreign countries like

Korea, Japan, South Africa, U.K.

and the like. Jupiter is in 7th house

(Kendram; Sri Narayana stanam)

aspects birth lagnam and gives him

many benefits like cooperation and

success he gets from producer, film

-distributors. Durdhara yoga

enables him to enjoy all worldly

comforts and royal luxuries in life.

Sun and Rahu cause him Raja-

sambandhi yoga. Saturn is in 10th

house from Moon; so he has keen

interest to play a prominent role in

politics, and control the rulers.

The year 2009 is more suitable for

himto involve in politics. Ketu is

in 2nd house makes him charitable.


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