Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mahatma Gandhi's horoscope and yogams

Today, (June-8-2008) I explain the natal chart

of Mahatma Gandhi, (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi) world-famous freedom fighter, who used truth, non-violence and non -cooperation as weapons against the most cruel and oppressive British rulers. He was a saint cum fighter highly respected by his enemies also. He practised the morals he preached and was the only person in the world-history to be extolled as MAHATMA (Great Soul) by all.








Mahatma Gandhiji Oct—2—1969 at 8—12 Morn Porbunder; Gujarat















Let us examine this horoscope of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Mercury, Venus and Mars in Lagnam give him intense focus and very strong determination. Venus is in his own house and is in birth lagnam; this is Malaveeya yogam; this makes him passionate, possessive, aggressive, intense and a shrewd dealer. Sun in 12th house makes him offer cooperation, harmonious co-existence, and peaceful and non-violent nature. Saturn in 2nd house makes him devoid of riches and family life and enjoyment. Moon is in his own house and in 10th house makes him a ruler of the hearts and minds of millions of people; he was proud, fierce in his actions, and public leadership and support. Jupiter in 7th gives him philosophical attitude and spiritual excellence. Mars in Lagnam makes him a fierce fighter for freedom and opponent to oppressive rulers (British). Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are in kendra houses. Jupiter and Mercury are in, for them, neutral houses, but as all these three planets are either in conjunction with each other, or aspected by benefices, the Saraswati yoga in his chart is powerful. He is highly learned and his books are widely read and well-respected. Ketu in 4th house causes his mother’s death and he could not earn any lands or houses or properties for his own-self. He even sacrificed his earnings and own possessions. Mars is the lord of two death-causing houses 2nd and 7th and is in birth-lagnam. So he was assassinated and he died wounds caused by a weapon (fire-arm; pistol) on Jan-31-1948.

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