Saturday, June 14, 2008

Raja Yogams in the Horoscope of Mukhesh Ambani-Reliance Industries

Today (June—14—2008) I explain the raja-yogams in the horoscope of the world- famous business tycoon Sri Mukhesh Ambani., owner of Reliance Industries.



Sun Mercury Venus






RAASI Sri Mukhesh Ambani. April-19-1957 at 18h-02 ms at Eden









Lagna Rahu



Rasi chart : 1) Maha-bhagyasali yoga : Sun, Moon and ascendant (lagnam) are in odd signs. So he is multi-billionaire. (2) Jupiter is in Labham (11th) the house of prosperity and wealth. (3) Sun, Mercury, Venus, Ketu combination in 7th house (kendram), Sri Narayana sthaanam is very benefical.

(4) These 4 planets are aspected (9th ) by Jupiter is highly beneficial, indicating that his progress in life is accelerated by Jupiter. Jupiter also aspects (5th ) Moon. This enhances the benefits Moon can give

the native. (5) He has Pancha-graha-malika yogam; 5 planets are arranged in a row like flowers in a garland in 7th and 8th houses. So his raja-yogams are enhanced and he is blessed with the best benefits in life. The Part-2 shall be put in this blog tomorrow. ==================================== You can get my full particulars from my web-site You can get my astrological services by contacting me
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