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Chiranjeevi--New Political party-success



* PHALANI GRAHACHARENA SOOCHAYANTHI PANDITHAHA; KO VAKTHA TARATHAMYSYA THAMEKAM VEDHASAM VINAA=The Astrologer carefully examines the stars, the planets and their positions and predicts the future events; but who can tell exactly what happens, except BRAHMA (God). (Saint-atrologer Gopala Deva of Kerala.)



I am an astrologer with 44 years of experience. I retired as a Professor from Andhra University. My full particulars can be found in my web site www. We see in News that the famous Cinema-actor Sri Chiranjeevi plans to start a new political party during Aug—2008 and contest ensuing state elections. In view of this, I present here-under a brief analysis of his horoscope; natal chart.






Chiranjeevi Cine-Actor RASI 22-8-1955 Narasapuram Chitta




Sun Mars Mercury Venus








I analyse his birth chart based on his Indu-lagnam, Libra (position of Moon). (1) 4 planets are in 11th house, Labham; they give him maximum benefits all his life, and especially in their periods. (2) He has pancha-graha-malika yogam. 5 planets are in a row, like flowers in a garland, in 10th and 11th houses. He gets maximum benefits from those 5 planets. (3) He has pancha-anana-yogam; all the 9 planets are in 5 houses in the chart ; this gives him best benefits in life. (4) He has Saturn, in exaltation, in Libra, in lagnam. This a Maha-purusha yogam called Shasya yogam; this gives him a top position of a ruler. So he gets success, prosperity, power, and name and fame. (5) The lord of 10th house, Cancer, (Rajyam) is Moon. She is in lagnam. This is raja-yogam and gives him a top position and makes him a great leader. (6) Sun is in his own house Leo in labham; this is highly beneficial; Mercury is conjunct with Sun in Labham; this is strong Budha-Aditya yogam. He is already a multi-billionaire (carore-pathi). He enjoys best status, riches, power and all benefits in life. (7) The periods of Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Venus endow him maha-raja-yogams. (8) He already earned billions, success, name and fame as cine-actor during the main period Jupiter. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and is in Rajyam (10th house). Jupiter can also give him power and high position . (9) Present period is Saturn period and Sani is maha-raja-yoga-karaka for him; so the chances for his success in the field of politics are fairly high. (10) Next period is Mercury period and is very highly beneficial. So 1975—2025 period bestows him Maha-raja-yogams (royal status).

This horoscope may be another example where the Kala-sarpa dosham may not impede his phenomenal rise to fame, prosperity and power; even in the case of Sri Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the Kala-sarpa-dosham did not impede his rise to power as the Prime Minister and the most effective ruler of India.

Date : August—3—2008

Prof. Komaragiri Venkata Ramana Rao, M.Sc., Ph.D.,F.I.E.,F.A.S.
Astrologer - Scientist