Monday, June 30, 2008

Horoscope Analysis of Gautama Buddha-Buddhisam

Today (June—30--2008), I analyse the horoscope of Gautama Buddha (original name Prince Siddhartha) is the founder of the religion Buddhisam; he is worshipped as an incarnation of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu, by the Hindus.



Venus Jupiter

Saturn Mars





Gautama Buddha – Siddhartha- April-14-623 B.C. Vaisakha Poornima Mid-day Lumbini, Nepal 27*08’ North; 83*06 East











His Karma (Rajya)10th house (Aries) has 5 planets (in Sri Narayana sthanam). Mars is in his own house, bestowing Ruchaka yoga. Full moon aspects all 5 planets is very beneficial. Jupiter-Moon opposition is Gaja-Kesari yoga. Mars-Moon opposition is strong Chandra-Mangla yoga . Saturn-Moon opposition is Chandra-Sani yoga. Venus-Moon opposition is Sukra-Sasi yoga. Venus and Jupiter (lord of 9th house) conjunction is Aadikya yoga (bestowed him supreme wisdom). The combination of all these maha-raja-yogas in one house, Rajya-sthana from lagna and in Kendra (7th) from Moon made him Emperor. He enjoyed royal comforts for 30 years. Saturn is debilitated in Aries; but he has Neecha-bhanga Raja yoga, because the lord of Aries, Mars, is in his own house conjunct with Sani (kendram- house-1). Mercury is the lord of 12th house (house of moksha or liberation); he is in the constellation of lagna lord, Moon. In Nava-amsa chart Jupiter is exalted. This enabled him to gain wisdom and become Buddha= Awakened Person, on his 36th birth-day, Vaisakha Poornima, during Mercury main period-Mercury sub-period. His fame spread far and wide during Venus period-Venus sub period. His chart has Pancha-anana-yoga and Pancha-graha-malika yoga also. Lakshmi-sthaanam thri konancha; Vishnu-sthaanancha kendraaha thayo sambandha mathrena, Raja-yoga adhiakam, bhaveth != The lord of 9th house (kona), Jupiter and lord of 10th house (Kendra), Mars are conjunct in Rajya is a Maha-raja-yoga. The Lord of 5th house (kona), Mars and lord of 7th house (Kendra) Saturn are conjunct is a Maha-raja-yoga. He has become the Emperor of entire humanity in Spiritual Kingdom of the world and ruled their hearts and minds, for thousands of years.

Buddha died during Sun period and Mars sub period. Sun is lord of 2nd house (Leo) and Saturn is lord of 7th house (capricorn); they are conjunct and cause his death at his 80th year. Mars is the lord of two death-causing houses, 2nd and 7th , reckoned from Moon (Indu-lagna). =============================

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