Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Raja Yogams in the Horoscope of a Professor

Today (July—1—2008) I analyse

the horoscope of my friend and

colleague Dr. Srinivasa Murthy; and he

retired from service as a Senior

Professor. He is now in U.S.A. with his

children, well-settled and happy..


Lagnam Venus






- 4-

Sun Ketu



Mars Mercury








1) Malaveeya yoga : Venus is in

Birth-lagnam and is exalted. This

makes him passionate, possessive,

aggressive, intense and a shrewd


2)Sun in 12th house makes him offer

cooperation, harmonious co-existence

and peaceful and non-violent nature.

3) Srika yoga : He has Venus in lagna

Jupiter in 4th house; Moon is 10th rasi;

3 benefics are in kendras (Sri

Narayana sthanams). He enjoys royal

comforts, abundance, and success

and good luck in efforts.

4) Gaja-Kesari yoga : Jupiter and

Moon are in opposition (7th house);

But Moon is waning (only 5 kalalu).

He is prosperous and the periods of

Moon and Jupiter give him success,

royal comforts and happiness.

5) Mars is exalted in labham (11th); so

he has own houses, house-sites &

during the Kuja-dasa, he got his Ph.D

award (all 3 examiners were senior

professors & experts of U.S.A. top

research institutions). He joined a job.

He built a new house and entered it.

He had three sons born. He enjoyed

the period. Mars is the lord of dhana

(2nd ) and Bhagya (9th) houses also.

He earned riches and was prosperous.

Also Mars is in Varga-uttama-amsa;

He is in same house (Capricorn both

in rasi and nava amsa charts).

6) Saraswathi yogam : Venus is in

birth-lagnam and is exalted; Jupiter is

in 4th house (education; properties).

So he got highest level of education.

He wrote books and won National

awards, in open competitions, thrice.

7. Ashta Lakshmi yogam : Venus is

in lagnam and is exalted; Jupiter is in

4th (kendram); Moon is in 10th house

(kendram); Mars is exalted in labham;

Mercury is in labham; Rahu is in 6th

house. So he has ashta-lakshmi-yoga;

he got benefits of this yoga fully in

Jupiter’s period. He enjoys royal

luxuries, prosperity, wealth &

happiness in Guru-dasa.

8. Prabandhana yoga : Mars (giver

of lands and properties) is exalted in

labham and in varga-uttama-amsa.

He has houses and house-sites & rich

9. Sunapha yoga : Mars (exalted) &

Mercury are in 2nd house from Moon.

He is rich & enjoys royal comforts.

10. Vesi yoga : Venus (exalted)is in

2nd house from Sun; he enjoys many

benefits in life.

10. Vasi yoga : Mars (exalted), and

Mercury (benefic) are in 12th house

from Sun; he enjoys comforts & joy.

I shall continue my analysis of

this horoscope tomorrow in Part-2.

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