Monday, July 7, 2008

Princess Diana's Horoscope. strong personality

Part : 3. Today (July-7-2008) I contine my analysis of natal chart of Princess Diana and explain the special features of her nature and character based on Jupiter, lagna and Mars.

6) Diana has a strong personality due to a strong ascendant, and strong lagna-lord Mars. The lagna has 36 benefic points in Sarvaashtakvarga based on Lagna (Raasi)-chart; Nava amsa ascendant has 32 points in Ashtakvarga based on Nava amsha chart; Sun chart has 30 points in ascendant (lagna).

7) Jupiter is the lord of 5th house (Pisces) and hence a benefic for Scorpio-ascendant, It has contributed the maximum points, 8 to the Fifth House. 5th house and Jupiter (kaaraka) both signify 'Children'. She is blessed with two beautiful sons due to strong Puthra-Bhava. This also explains her unbound love for children worldwide.

Vruschika thruthheye’ Jeeve’------- thathpaake yoga-hinancha, deha-prapeedanam = Jupiter in 3rd house is malefic. The period of Jupiter is malefic and causes many troubles and harm to self. At the time of her death, the main period of Jupiter was running and caused her death (deha-prapeedanam).

8) Her Sixth House Aries is strong; its lord Mars in Kendra (10th house); it has got 38 points in Lagna Ashtakvarga and 37 points in Sun-chart's Ashtakvarga. This is a very strong disposition of Sixth House; this explains the mental agitation, disappointments and humiliation Diana has to live with, all-through her life after her marriage. Her strong diplomatic skills due to which she became world-renowned as 'Ambassador of Goodwill', is also because of her strong 6th house.

9) Her Tenth House is Leo and is very strong in both Ashtakvargas (i.e. Ashtakvarga of lagna and Nava amsa chart). Lagna chart has 31 points and Nava amsa has 34 points in the 10th House. This bestowed her an excellent public image. The 10th House is 4th from 7th House; this signifies the mother of her husband. A world-prominent lady, Queen Elizabeth-II of Britain, was her mother-in-law. ========== You can get my full particulars from my web-site You can get my astrological services by contacting me by e-mail: and know my fee particulars. I have 44 years of experience / practice as an active astrologer