Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Effect of Sukra in 12 bhaavas in vedic astrology


Today (July—16—2008) I explain the effect of Sukra in 4th bahaava; it denotes mother, education, vehicles, lands, properties, houses, face, water sources (well, tank), agriculture, dairy. Jatataka Marthandam (sloka) : BHAVATHI BANDHU GATHAE SUKRAE, BAHU-KALATHRA-RATHO; BAHU KAAMUKAHA; NVAMA- ESO, SHKHA-BHAAVA-GATHAE THATHAA, BAHULA-BHAAGYA-YUTHA, SUKHA-BHOGAADHEE = If Sukra (Venus) is in 4th bhaavam, the person enjoys sexual pleasures with several women (men); he has sex thirst. If Sukra is also the lord of 9th (birth lagna is Aquarius (Kumbham) and stays in 4th house (Taurus; Vrushabham), the person will be highly rich and prosperous abd enjoys royal luxuries, vehicles (cars), mansions, gardens, landed properties, royal status, and pleasures all his life. His mother enjoys heappy, healthy, wealthy life with long life-span. He enjoys fine arts like music, dance, drama, sculptures and paintings. He is a great scholar / poet / musician. He is honoured as pundit. His / her married life will be very happy and fruitful,










Smt. Sonia Gandhi; Dec-9-1946; 21-25 at Turin; Italy.

Cancer Lagnam








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Venus is in own her house, Libra (Kendra); this is Malaveeya yoga; so Venus bestows her royal luxuries and riches through out the life. This makes her passionate, possessive, aggressive, intense and a shrewd dealer in political affairs. Jataka Marthandam (sloka) : Chathurthe Sukra daayethu, vidya, bhoo, mathru sukham, thatha raja-yoga daha = Sukra in 4th house gives her good education, lands, properties, many cars, royal luxuries, and her mother enjoys health, wealth, happiness and long life span. Chandra-Mangala yogam (Moon and Mars in mutually 7th houses) gives her success in worldly affairs and in political career; she gains in all aspects in this material world. Jupiter and Venus together is Adhikya yoga in kendram (4th) is maha-yoga; she gets success and prosperity and all the best in life. The lord of birth lagnam is Moon and is in 12th house; so she gets name and fame in a far-off place / country (India) from her birth place (Italy). Ubhayachara yoga is formed; Sun is in (5th ) house (konam); previous house (4th )has Jupiter; next house (6th) has Mars. This makes her an empress (ruler). Mars is lord of konam (5th and kendram (10th); so Mars is yoga-karaka and gives her riches, properties, prosperity and success in world affairs; Sunapha-yogam Saturn is in next house to Moon, gives her intelligence, wealth and fame. Jupiter & Venus are in 5th house from Moon (full); this is Hari-yoga; she is very intelligent, learned, wealthy and healthy. Moon, Mars, Venus and Jupiter give her a royal status, multi- billionaire riches and excellent life achievements. Budha-Aditya yogam is formed due to conjunction of Sun and Mercury in 5th house (Sri Maha Lakshmi stanam); she has billions of riches and properties. She has two children very highly placed in life, healthy, wealthy and happy.

She enjoyed only limited marital happiness. The ‘Sarvaashtaka Varga’(score only 7 out of 24 points- Varahamihira method) explains this. She lost her husband on May-21-1991 during Saturn period, Rahu sub-period for her; he was assassinated at Sri Perambudur in Tamilnadu.