Thursday, July 17, 2008

Effect of Sukra in 12 bhaavas in vedic astrology

Today (July—17—2008) I explain the effect of Venus in 5th house (Sri Maha Lakshmi sthanam); It is a highly beneficial house. It pertains to children, talent, knowledge. Itelligence, skill and tactics. Jataka Marthandam (slokam) PUTHRA-STHAANAE SUKRA STHITHAU, SVA-JANAI PARIPOOJITHA; BAHU DHANO, SU-GUNAVAAN, NAYAKO; BHAVATHI CHARUMATHI; SPHURATHI, PRIYAHA = If Sukra (Venus) is in 5th house, the person (he/she) is liked and admired by family, friends and relatives, He enjoys all the best family pleasures. He has hale, healthy, and happy children. His wife is noble, loving and caring lady, He has noble qualities. He gets riches, name, fame and success and all the best benefits in life. He may be womanizer and may have sexual relations with many women. .









Famous Cine Actor














Venus is in 5th house, Sri Maha Lakshmi sthanam; Jataka Marthandam (Sanskrit sloka) : Simhath-pachamage Sukre’, yasya janma bhaveth bhuvi, thath paake sthri-praja-abhivrudhi, yaso-vrudhi, su-bhogyavaan = If Sukra is in 5th house the life will be full of benefits; he enjoys royal pleasures, name fame and billions of riches. He has noble and loving wife and excellent children. He has good daughters, married, well-settled in life, happy and very prosperous. The period of Sukra is very highly beneficial to him. His meterioc rise started after his marriage. Sun is the lord of birth lagnam; so he is atma-kataka; Sun is in Kendra (4th house); Sri Naryana-sthanam.Saturn is in 2nd house, dhana-stanaam. So Sun and Saturn have bestowed him success, power and glory. Venus is the lord of 10th house (Karma-stanam= profession); she is in 5th house with Mercury (benefic) (konam; Sri Maha Lakshmi stanam); so he reached peaks of glory as highlu successful film-actor from an ordinary bus-conductor stage; and earned billions of riches. Mars is exalted in 6th house; this is Ruchaka (Mahapurush) yogam; this enabled him to become a leader, enterprising, bold and of dashing nature; also billions of worth of lands and properties. Ketu in 2nd house made him spiritually oriented and this prompted him to produce and act in films like BABA. Chandra-MangalaYoga (Mars & Moon are conjunct) bestows him worldly wisdom and material success. Venus and Mercury aspect (see) the labham (11th house); also Jupiter’s aspect (5th drushti) on labham enhance his gains by thousands of times. Mercury is lord of labham and dhana stanams and is in 5th house bestows him success & makes him a multi-billionaire (carore-pathi).

Vesi yogam makes him happy, truthful and of balanced nature.Moon is the lord of Vyaya (12th ;malefic) house, and is in 6th house (Satru; malefic) This is Viparya raja-yogam which lifts

him lofty heights of greatness; his name and fame are wide-spread in many foreign countries like Korea, Japan, South Africa, U.K. and the like. Jupiter is in 7th house (Kendram; Sri Narayana stanam) aspects birth lagnam and gives him many benefits like cooperation and success he gets from producer, film -distributors. Durdhara yoga enables him to enjoy all worldly comforts and royal luxuries in life. Sun and Rahu cause him Raja- sambandhi yoga. Saturn is in 10th house from Moon; so he has keen interest to play a prominent role in politics, and control the rulers. The year 2009 is more suitable for himto involve in politics. Ketu is in 2nd house makes him charitable. =========================

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