Friday, July 18, 2008

Effect of Sukra in 12 bhaavas in vedic astrology


Today (July—18—2008) I explain the effect of Sukra (Venus) in 6th bhaava. It is called Sathru bhava; it denotes enemies, disese, debts, cousins (jnaathi) and wounds. It is a malefic house, Jataka Marthanda (sloka) : RIPU-GRUHE YADI SUKRA STHITHE, SATHRU JANASYA VASAM-GATHO, BAHULA MRUTHYUR,ANANTHA-VIPATH YUTHO, BHAVATHI LABDHA-DHANASYA VINAASANAM = If Sukra is in 6th bhaava, the person (he / she) is under the control of enemies and suffers misery and loss. All the earnings, riches and properties are lost to enemies (jnathis); he may face risk to life very ofen. In the end he is freed and enjoys happiness.










RAASI. Smt. Indira Nehru Gandhi. Nov-19-1917 at 23-11; Allahabad








Venus Rahu


Sun Mercury






This is the birth chart of Smt. Indira Nehru Gandhi. Venus is in 6th hose (Satru sthanam); Jataka Marthanda ( sloka) : Saptame Sukra sthithau, samanya -yogadaha, Satrun vrudhi, kashta, nashtadaha = Sukra is in 6th house is not beneficial; she faces troubles and misery un the hands of her enemies. She was put in house arrest by Janatha government. She is freed later and won power. Rahu in 6th house in Dhanasu (Sagittatius) and Ketu in Gemini is Kodanda-Rahu-yoga; she could vanquish all her enemies and came out victorious. Lord Sri Rama (God) also had this Kodanda-rahu-yoga in his natal chart. He also suffered in the hands of rakshasas and King Ravana; Sri Rama vanquished them and destroyed them all successfully.

This birth chart, of Smt. Indira Nehru Gandh, has Exchange yogas (Parivarthana yoga): There were three exchanges. There is an exchange between Moon and Saturn from Lagna to 7th house, exchange between sun and Mars from 2nd and 5th house and Jupiter and Venus from 6th and 11th house. These three exchange made her a very strong lady of iron-will and rock-hard determionation . The power of exchange was so great, that she could rise to such heights of power and ruled the nation effectively. She controlled unruly elements in the country and gave stability to the nation’s administration. She has Simhasana yogam; the lord of 10th house Mars is in 2nd house; this is strengthened by Sun and Mercury in 5th house, Sri Maha Lakshmi stahana, this is good (Budha-Aditya yogam). So she sat on the throne as ruler of the nation for many years. Jupiter in 11th house made her very rich and a billionaire. Rahu in 6th house gave her victory on her enemies, She made riches by using her intelligence and thinking power. However, she was killed in the dasa (period) of Saturn--Moon, because Saturn and Moon, both gave malefic results of 7th house and became maaraka (killer) for her. She was assassinated by her body guards, on Oct—31—1984; outside her residence in New Delhi. ==============================================

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