Monday, July 14, 2008

Effect of Sukra in 12 bhaavas in vedic astrology


Today (July—14—2008) I explain the effect of Sukra (Venus) in 2nd Bhaava in natal chart. 2) Dhana Bhaavam (Riches & Prosperity) : Jataka Marthandam (sloka = Sanskrit verse) SATH-ANNA PAANA ABHIRATHAM, NITHANTHAM SARVA VASTHRA BHOOSHNA, DHANA, VAAHANA ADHYAM, GEERVAANA-VIDHYAAM, MANUJAM PRAKURYATH DHANOPAVANNO, BHRUGUNANDANOYAM = If Sukra (Venus) is in 2nd house (Dhana Baavam), the person enjoys royal comforts and luxuries; he enjopys sumptuous tasty and healthy food and drinks; always wears costly and very nice dresses, costly ornaments and perfumes. He / she is very rich, a multi-millionaire. He rides cars and air-planes; well educated, a poet or artist or an actor; he gets riches through his wife or other ladies. He has noble nature; he is expert in fine arts and skillful. He is noble and charitable. His family is very rich and enjoys luxuries. His wife is rich and he gets huge benefits through his wife financially.







Sun Mercury








Mars Rahu






Venus : Venus in in 2nd House (Dhana sthanam); this is highly beneficial. Meene dwitheeye Sukra, samany-yogadam; ashesha dhana labhancha, = The period of Venus is beneficial and she gets good income; but most of her earnings are spent away for some good purpose due to malefic planet Gulika in 2nd house. Her married life may have some minor problems during the period of Venus. It occurs in fairly old age and so no serious problems arise. She is medical doctor well-settled in U.S.A. and is a billionaire. She is a lover of music and dance. She has expressive eyes. Good things have come her way on a golden platter. She enjoys spending each and everyday having fun and smiling all the way. Success and prosperity came to her by her marriage to a prosperous medical expert . Grand success broke through her life after her age of 32 years. She has one daughter. Her married life is very happy one and she got a very nice, gentle and loving husband. Mercury is in his own house conjunct with Sun; this is strong Bugha-Aditya raja-yogam; she earns billions in her profession / business. Jupiter is Kendra (4th house) from Moon; is Gaja-kesari yoga; she gets name fame and success and riches. Saturn is in his own house, laabham (11th house) is yoga-kaaraka; he bestows best benefits to her. Rahu in 6th and Ketu in 12th give many benefits to her during Rahu or Ketu period. She has great success and huge prosperity during her past 25 years of profession in U.S.A., and she leads a very a happy family life. ================================

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