Friday, July 25, 2008

Causes for delays in marriage


“Marriages are made in heaven” is an old dictum and many believe it. But due to changed times, mixing of various culture, moral values and changes in human outlook and attitudes, marriages also have changed. Today (July—25—2008) I explain why marriages are broken, or separated or divorced etc. There are no universal remedies. The necessary remedies depend on particular birth chart and I can suggest the suitable remedies if a person consults me; my e-mail is :

Part : 1.

Maladies pertaining to marriages may be classified into the following cateagories :

1) Delay or denial of marriage 2) Absence of conjugal bliss.

3) Loss of life partner 4) Seperation or divorce.

We have to consider the following aspects in the birth chart of the person and find the causes.

(1) If the Sun and Moon stay in the sign and constellation of Saturn the marriage is delayed. (2) If Saturn conjuncts with Venus or Rahu or Mercury in 7th house marriage gets delayed appreciably. (3) If both Sun and Moon stay in the navamsa of Saturn, and Venus has also the influence of Saturn in Navamsa, there will be many obstructions to have marriage. (4) If the lagna and the 7th house or their lords or Venus are positioned between Saturn and Sun, marriage will be delayed. (5) If the Sun and Saturn are adversely posited in the lagna or the 7th house or vice versa, the marriage will be delayed for many years; marriage may be denied if both planets Sun and Saturn are at in mutually 7th house . Same type of delay occurs if Saturn and Moon are conjunct or stay in mutually 7th houses. Then the chance for absolute denial of marriage is less. (6) Sun and Moon are enemies of Venus. If Venus occupies any of the sign of Cancer or Leo and that is flanked on both sides by the Sun and the Moon, the marriage will have many obstructios. If Venus is in Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Aquarius except Libra and closely conjunct with malefic (within 5* on either side), there will be severe problems in the settlement of marriage. (to be continued tomorrow) ====================

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