Saturday, July 5, 2008

Princess Diana horosocpe analysis

Princess of Wales, Diana Spencer of Britain, was a unique combination of beauty, royalty and candour. She died in a Paris hospital at 4:00 a.m. on 31st August, 1997 (Sunday) morning. Her car, a Mercedes 600, driving at great speed, crashed into the 13th pillar of a 660 feet long tunnel under the Alma bridge along the river Seine on late night of 30th August. She enjoyed the night with Dodi Fayed at the Ritz Hotel, Paris. She was very popular; she surpassed John F. Kennedy in popularity. I analyse her horoscope, in 4 parts, and explain the cause of her death on the basis of Vedic Hindu astrology.

Part—1 (July—5—2008)






Sun Mercury


Moon Ketu

RAASI Princess Diana of Britain. July-1-1961




Mars Rahu







Budha-aditya yoga : 1) Mercury is in his own house and is conjunct with Sun; this is strong raja-yoga. But Mercury is retrograde and is combusted (dagdha yoga). So the raja-yoga is spoiled. According to Jataka Marthanadam (slokam) : Vruschike’ ashtame’ Soumye’---thath paake prathame su-yogam, paschath yoga-bhangam karothacha = Mercury is in his own house, so he gives beneficial results in the first part of Mercury’s period, but later Mercury causes harm to the person.
Venus is in his own house in 7th house. Vruschika Sapathame’ Sukre’ ---- thath paake yoga-hinanancha, kalthra-peeda, jaara-dosha yutha—(Jataka Marthanadam) = Venus in 7th house is not beneficial; she suffers during Venus period; she suffered due to husband’s behaviour; her married life was very uncomfortable. She also maintained illicit sex-relations with men inside the palace and also with prominent men outside. Venus is placed in a weak 7th House; this propelled her to scandoulous romances outside the wedlock (jaaratva-dosha). Venus is very strong on the basis of both 'Shadbala and Ashtakvarga. Due to this, that she possessed a very charming personality, attraction and sex-appeal, and was much appreciated and sought after by the opposite sex. It also enabled her to be the most photographed glamorous woman of the world. (to be continued)======================================

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