Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Compatibility of horoscopes for marriages

Part—3 (July—30—2008)

Bride’s Horoscope (detailed analysis for yogas) : Today (July-30-2008) I analyse the natal chart of a lady (bride) which has many raja-yogas and also neecha bhanga raja yoga. I explain in 2 parts.







. -4-

RAASI. Bride Kartika Punnami Star: Krithika







. -2-








1. Longevity (Deergha-Ayu yogam): Jataka Marthada (sloka)

Lagne Surya samayukthe, randhre Kuja samanvithe, nrupathulya sukhopetho deergha-ayur-yogam-apnuyath = If Sun is in birth lagnam and Mars is in 8th house, the person enjoys royal comforts and has long life span, more than 75 years.

2. Raja-yogam due to Guru : If Guru is in own house or is exalted and is in Kendra or konam ; the person shall have good personality, beauty, good moral character and very prosperous. Guru is in 5th house (Sri Mahalakshmi Sthanam) and is (seeing) aspecting lagnam, beautiful & healthy and good natured and noble.

3. Srika yoga : Benefics Mercury is in Lagnam; full Moon is exalted in 7th house; Guru is in konam (5th house); Sri Mahalakshmi sthanam. She is a billionaire. Full Moon (exalted) in 7th house the best for her husband. He rises from an ordinary middle class man to a highly prosperous tycoon.

4 Raja-yogam due to Chandra :Full moon is in 7th house (kendram; Sri Narayana sthanam) exalted; she gets good husband and her marital life shall be happy. Her husband flourishes very highly in life due to Moon and becomes a business tycoon.

5. Sunapha yogam : Mars is next house to Moon. So she prospers highly in her life; a billionaire.

6. Parivarthana (Exchange) yoga : Mars is in Gemini; Mercury is in Scorpio. So both Mars and Mercury give her beneficial results. She will have palacial mansion; & prosperity

7.Dhana Lakshmi yoga : The lord of 9th house (Bhagyam) is Moon; she is full and exalted. So she is a multi-billionaire. The exalted Moon is 7th house; her husband will be a multi-billionaire.

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