Sunday, July 6, 2008

Princess Diana horosocpe analysis-divorce

Part—2 (July—6—2008) Today (July-6-2008) I contine my analysis of natal chart of Princess Diana and explain the special features of her nature and character based on Saturn and Sun.

3) The Saturn in her natal chart is very strong. He is in his own house in 3rd house. It has got enormous 'Shadbala' strength as well as Ashtakvarga relative strength. This was the reason that she had become a generous and philanthropist princess and was engaged in numerous service missions for ill and poor people all over the world. Vruschika thruthheye’ Mande’ -- thath paake dhana laabham, vyayam daapi samam bhaveth (Jataka Marthandam) = Saturn gives her huge income; but she spends most of it for her royal comforts. Saturn entered in Capricorn (3rd house) during the month of December 1990 and remained there till February 1993. So this was the most turbulent period for her marital life. She formally separated from Prince Charles on 9th December 1992.

4) The Mars is in 10th house (Rajya & karma) Kendra; Mars is lord of birth-lagna; so this is raja-yoga, and she enjoyed royal comforts all her life. Mars has good strength in her horoscope, 'Shadbala' and 'Ashtakvarga' strength averaged. Her latest passion for service of sufferers of 'land mines' in war-torn countries is explained by strong Mars (which is the significator planet of explosives, blood etc.) placed in 'Karma Bhaava'. The strong Mars gave her courageous and aggressive nature. Her strong revolt against her husband, Prince Charles, for his escapades with Ms. Camilla Parker was due to strong Mars. Also “Vruschika dasame’ Bhoume’ --- bhoo-laabham, krushi-laabham, dhana-laabham beveth thatha (Jataka Maarthanda) = She got millions of income on her estates as Princess of Wales of Britain.

5) The Sun is strong in her natal chart (Shadbala). Sun has 3 points in Ashtakvarga of Birth-lagna (Ascendant), and 5 points in the Ashtakvarga of Nava amsa. In Nava amsa, Sun is the 7th lord, positioned in Lagna having full aspect on 7th house. This transformed Diana into a person who could not bear the injustice of her spouse and his extra-marital sex life. Vruschika ashtame’ Bhanau, --- thathpaake yoga-hinancha, sarvasvam harathe, dhruvam = Sun in 8th house is malefic. Sun’s period causes troubles and losses in life. ==============