Monday, July 21, 2008

Effect of Sukra in 12 bhaavas in vedic astrology


Today (July—21—2008) I explain the effect of Sukra (Venus) in the 9th house (konam; Sri Maha Lakshmi sthanam). This house signifies father, luck, prosperity, punyam (benefits from good karma (deeds), meditation (tapassu), devotion to God, kindness and generosity, visit to holy shrines. Jataka Marthandam (slok) : VIMALA-THEERTHA-RATHO, MUDITHA-SADAA, SURVARA, DVIJA, BHAKTHI-YUTHA; SUCHI; SVA-ARJITHA BHAGYA, MAHOTHSAVO, BHAVATHI, DHARMA GATHE BHRUGUJE NARAHA = If Sukra (Venus) is in 9th house, and is well-disposed, the person shows keen interest to visit holy shrines and pilgrim places all over the country. He is ever-happy, he is rich and prosperous (a multi -millionaire). He enjoys royal comforts and luxuries. He is lucky and all his efforts give excellent results. He admires scholars and priests (Brahmins). He is a devotee of God and religious. He earns millions by his own efforts. He performs pompous religious functions (maha-utsavams). He gets love and patronage from his father. His father enjoys health, wealth, happiness and very long-life span.



















This is a very good natal chart. Jupiter is in birth lagnam; he gets best benefits. Saturn is in his own house in Kendram is Shashya yogam. Moon is exalted in 8th house (aayu sthana). The lord of 7th house is in friend’s house (Sagittarius). Venus and Mercury aspect Mars is beneficial. Venus the significator of wife and happy family life is conjunct with Mercury and is in 9th house (Bhagyam). Jupiter aspects (9th) Venus. So the person was lucky to get a very beautiful, good- natured, noble and very lucky lady as his wife. She brought him happiness, health, wealth and all the benefits. His father supported him in his business efforts and he earned riches and all benefits. He is a multi-millionaire. His father is alive and is 92 years of age. Sun is in 11th house (labham) in his own house and gave him health and many benefits. He visited many holy shrines and gave liberal donations to temples there . He donates his own funds and arranges for performing Sri Sita Rama Kalyanm (marriage function) on Sri Rama Navami day every year at the nearby temple in his colony (village). He and his wife perform the Kalayna utsavam.

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