Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Effect of Sukra in 12 bhaavas in vedic astrology

I completed publishing 50 blogs on Vedic astrology during June-July-2008 period. I thank the scholars for their enlightening and learned comments. I welcome such constructive comments in future also. As Great saint-musician Sri Tyagaraju told : "there are many great and noble persons and scholars of astrology. I convey my respects and vandanams to all of them." My aim is to share my knowledge with other people and enrich the knowledge. This is my 51st blog. By God's grace, if my health permits, I wish to publish at least One thousand blogs on various topics in Vedic astrology. I need the best wishes of the readers of my blogs. Aum Namo Sri Krishna !


Today (July—23—2008) I explain the effect of Venus (Sukra) in 11th house (upachaya house. Laabham); it signifies profits, gains, success, elder brothers and sisters, money-earning, longevity. Jataka Marthanda (sloka) : SANGEETHA, NRUTHYA ANURAKTHA NIRANTHARAM, NITHYANCHA, CHINTHAAGMANA, NISOONAM; SATH-KARMA, DHARMA-AGAMA, CHITHA VRUTHI SUKRO LAABHA-GATHE YADISYAATH = If Venus is in 11th (laabha) house, the person has great liking for and is an expert in music. Dance, and such fine-arts. He visits pilgrim centres and holy shrines. He performs noble deeds. He has noble and pious thoughts. He takes up noble profession and earns by fair and just means. He inherits properties and riches. He wife has good nature, hale, healthy and sturdy body long-life-span. She enjoys happy life. He talks pleasantly. His elder brothers and sisters prosper well. He / she has long-life-span.






Raasi Ramcharan















Jataka Mathanda (Sloka) : Vruschike Labhethu Sukra sthithau, thath paake bahu subha-yogakruth; nyaya-arjitha samakarsham, sathrutho dhana laabhadam = Sukra is in laabham, the period of Venus gives best benefits and high prosperity His wife has all the best benefits due to him and leads happy married life. This person has enjoyed all the above-said benefits. He is a rich business tycoon. Jataka Mathanda (sloka) : Aarudha lagnascha, thatha sva-lagnath Kendra, kona-sthithe khecharasya, dasa-apnuyath, uttama-yogam idam vadanthi Garga adi maha-muneendhraha ! = Great saint-astrologers, like Garga Maharshi said that if a benefic stays in lagnam or in kendram or in konam; or stays in aarudha lagnam, or in kendram or in konam, the main period and sub-periods of that benefic give the best beneficial results (first grade, above 75%).. In this case, the periods of Venus and Moon give the best benefits to Ramcharan.. Moon and Venus are conjuct in laabha (11th) house is highly beneficial = Jataka Marthand (sloka) : Chandra, Sukra samayoge’ laabha sthanau, akhanda yogadaha. In this birth chart Scorpio is lagnam and also aarudha lagnam, two best benefics Jupiter & Mercury are in 10th (Rajyam) and two benefics Venus and Moon are in 11th (labha). So his brothers supported him and he had meteoric rise in life and gained huge income. ==============================

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