Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Today (July—2—2008) I continue to analyse the horoscope of my friend and colleague Dr. Srinivasa Murthy and he retired from service as Senior Professor He is now in U.S.A. with his children, well-settled and happy.

Part : 2.

11. Ubhayachari yoga : Sun has
planets both in 12th and 2nd houses from Sun; he enjoys comforts & joy.

12. Santhana Vaibhavam yoga: 5th House is cancer; its lord Moon is in Kendra 10thth) in friend’s house. Guru is in Kendra (4th) forming Gaja-kesari yoga. Exalted Mars and Mercury house, forming Gaja-kesari yoga. Budha is in labham (11th house)
(benefic) see (aspect) cancer. So
his children have M.S. Degrees (Engineering) of U.S.A. and are very well-settled in U.S.A.; all are millionaires; most important is, they alllook after their parents with love and care and treat them affectionately.

13. Viparya raja-yoga : Sun is lord of 6thth (malefic) house. Sani is lord of 12th (malefic) house & is in 3rd house. This yoga tends to cause an unexpected gain in life due to an unfortunate event or problem. (malefic) house; he is in 12th house.

14. Pancha-graha-malika yogam : Lagna adi baana-sabhai eka rasiga nava-khecharah, sthithasche pancha
khetakhya Maalika-yogamuchathe =
If planets stay in a row in 5 houses starting from birth lagnam in a row, it is called Pancha-graha Maalika yogam.
The planets are arranged in a row like flowers in a garland in 10th , 11th,12th, and 1st house. He enjoys comforts.

15. Raja-yogam : Chaturthe Subha Khetasche, raya-yoga prakeerthitaha; bala-yukthischa kurdopi, rajadishu yadhotharam = If benefic is in 4th house house (Guru) and the lord of 4
is benefic and is in a good house and is strong, he enjoys royal comforts. The lord of 4th is Mercury and is in his friend’s house in labham (11th house).

16. Raja yogam : Raja-yogo janma-Lagne ucha-graha sthithau, vasye uchaGraho yadi = If an exalted planet is in birth house, or sees (aspects) lagnam, he enjoys royal comforts in life. Venus is exalted in birth lagnam.

17) Kahala yoga : The lord of 4th house is Mercury; the lord of 9th house is Mars. They are in same house 11th (Labham). Mars is exalted. So he enjoys riches, fame, health and wealth and popularity in society.

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