Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Effect of Sukra in 12 bhaavas in vedic astrology

Part-10 Today (July—22—2008) I explain the effect of Sukra (Venus) in 10th house (it is Kendra; Sri Narayana sthana). It is a benefic house and signifies profession, job, power (rajya), karma (nature of deeds), earning livelihood, name and fame. Jataka Marthanda (sloka) : DASAME SUKRESAKALA BANDHU-HITHAISHI, STHIRA, BHOGAVAAN, ADHIKA SUDARA VESHA,SUBHA -AKRUTHE, SUBHA, KEERTHI , UDAARA, DHEE = If Sukra (Venus) is in 10th house (Rajya), the person is very helful to the family members and close relatives. He is stable-minded; very rich and prosperous (multi-miilionaire) very handsome, hale and healthy, sturdy, noble natured, generous, and charitable. He is brave, courageous and takes firm decisions. He loves his brothers, parents, in-laws and their children and families and helps them in times of need.







Mercury Venus


RAASI Surya Teja.










This is an excellent horoscope; he has Venus in 10th house (Rajya). Jataka Marthanda (sloka) : Vrushabhe dasamasthe Sukra sthithau, raja-yogadaha, vishesha-dhana laabham, yasam, udyoga-vardhanam = If Sukra is in 10th house, the person enjoys royal comforts, power and luxuries. He earns millions. He has a noble profession with large income.

1) The lord of lagnam is Venus and he is in 10th house; the lord of 10th house is Saturn and is in lagnam. This is two maha-raja-yogas combined. .

2) Venus is in his friend’s house in Rajya house. So he is very generous and good natured and treats his wife and children with utmost love, care and dedication. Saturn aspects (10th) Venus; due to this malefic effect he got a wife of dark complexion, short-temper and she treats him as her servant. He is meek and mild to her. He is highly valued and respected by top bosses of his company for his outstanding and excellent performance. This is all do to his Karma-sthana (10th) having Venus.

3) Jupiter and Moon (12 kalalu) are in mutually 7th houses; this is Gaja-kesari yoga. Mars is exalted and is in 7th house to Moon Chandra-Mangala yoga. He earned name and fame and millions of riches.

3) Jataka Marthanda sloka : VRUSHABHASYACHA MANDAIKAHA DHARMA, KARMA ADHIPO BHAVETH; SA MANDO RAVI NAA YUKTHAHA KENDRA KONESHU SAMSTHITHAE; UBHAYEACHA DASAA KAALAE PRABLAM YOGA MICHATHAHA; SANI REKAM SUBHA DAANTHUM SAMARTHO ---- = SANI alone is a highly beneficial planet and gives Maharaja yoga (royal luxuries) to the person. Saturn’s period gave him a princely life during his childhood and teen-age. =======================================

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