Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Effect of Sukra in 12 bhaavas in vedic astrology

Part : 3

Today (July—15—2008) I explain the effect of Venus (Sukra) in 3rd house.

3)Sodara Bhaavam :-- Jataka Marthanda (sloka – Sanskrit verse) : THRUTHEEYAE SUKRA STHITHAU, BAHU SAHODARARA VAA BHGINEE-YUTHA; BHAVATHI LOCHNA-ROGEE, DHANAYUTHA, KRUPANSCHA-SADAA NARAHA = If Sukra (Venus) is in 3rd house the person shall have sisters and less number of brothers; they are prosperous and lead happy life. He may suffer due to eye disease in later age. He is skillful, intelligent, talented and very rich. His marriage may be delayed but he marries a well-settled and rich person and their married life goes smoothly.




Saturn Ketu

Smt.Aiswarya Roy Bachan. Nov-1-1973 Mangalore





Venus RahGul





This is the birth chart of world-famous cine actress Smt. Aiswarya Roy Bachan. Tulayam thrutheeye Sukre’, yo naro bhuvi jaayathe, thath paake samanya-yogam, dhan-vyayam, bhoo-bahu = Sukra in 3rd house from Tula lagnam is good; Sukra period is average. She gets lands and other properties; her brothers and sisters prosper well. Sukra in 3rd house caused delay in her marriage. She was married during her 34th year. Moon and Venus conjunct in Indu-Lagnam (Dhansu) gives her a maha-raja (rani) -Yogam. The lord of Indu-lagnam is Jupiter is in Dhanam (2nd house).She earns billions worth riches as Mars is in his own house (Aries) is Ruchka-yogam; this occurs in 5th house (Konam; Sri Maha Lakshmi sthanam). Sun is debilitated in Lagnam. But this is cancelled by the presence of the Libra Lord Venus in Centre from Moon and also the presence of Mars in Aries (own house for Mars, exalted house for Sun) the 7th house. We assume birth lagnam is Libra. The debilitation of Sun is cancelled by Saturn in Gemini. Neecha-bhanga-raja yogam. Sun and Mercury conjunct in 11th House from Indu-lagnam is strong Budha-Aditya yogam and this gives her properties worth billions. Jupiter 's debilitation is nullified by the presence of Saturn which is the Capricorn lord of Jupiter's occupied house, In Navamsa she has Shasya yoga; Jupiter-Venus combination (Aadhikya yoga) in Aries ; Mars & Rahu in Taurus; Exchange of Mars-& Venus (Parvivarthana yoga) is formed. Moon in Libra causes a career in cinema (art) & beauty. Jupiter & Moon form Gajakesri Yoga. She is a multi-billionaire and has life of an Empress. Rahu is in 3r house is Kubera yoga; she is as rich as Kubera. She has Kubera-yogam. ==========================================

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