Friday, July 11, 2008

Natal chart analysis to predict wife murders husband

Husband is murdered by wife – natal chart forecast

In Brihat Jataka, Sri Varahamihira explained : (1) If malefics stay in 5th or 9th houses (konas) without aspects (drushtis) of benefics, the person is tied by ropes or chains and is killed. (2) If the rise of 8th house occurs in a serpent or nigada (shackles) drekkaana, the person experiences similar death. Serpent drekkaanas are : the 2nd and 3rd in Cancer (Karkataka), the 1st and 2nd in Scorpio (Vrushika) and the 3rd drekkaana in Pisces (Meena). Nigada (shackles) drekkana is the 1st of Pisces (Meena). (2) If the birth of a person occurs in Pisces (Meena lagna), and Sun (Ravi) is in Meena (Pisces) and Moon and a malefic (like Saturn or Mars) conjunct in Virgo (Kanya) the 7th house and Venus (Sukra) stays in Aries (Mesha), the 2nd house from lagna; the man dies due to the intrigue of a female-member of his house / family (mostly wife).



Venus Aries













This was the natal chart of a local ruler (zamindar) of (1905—45). The birth lagna (Meena) had Sun (evil planet) in it. Venus was in 2nd house. The 7th house Kanya (Virgo) has full Moon and Saturn (malefic) conjunct in it. His wife had illicit sex-relations with a village chief; they planned the death of her husband; and she carried out her evil scheme in a secluded place in the nearby forest, when the couple went out for a picnic (vana-vihara) in the forest.