Sunday, June 29, 2008

Obama H Barack- horoscope analysis-Raja yogams

Today (June—29--2008) I analyse the horoscope of Mr. Obama H Barack; presidential Candidate for U.S.A. , based on his Moon’s house (Indu lagna, Taurus).






RASI Obama H Barack Aug-4-1961 Honalulu U.S.A

Sun Mercury




Mars Rahu


The analysis is based on Indu lagna (Moon’s position). Lord of lagnam is in 2nd (Dhana) house; Venus is benific. So he gets huge money from others to meet his expenses (as donations). Jupiter is in 9th house (bagyam; luck). Saturn is in his own house, 9th house (bagyam; luck). Both periods of Jupiter (1996-2012) & Saturn (2012-31) give him luck & benefits. The lord of 10th house (rule, power) is Saturn . So luck bestows him success in winning nomination from his party over Mrs. Hillary Clinton. The conjunction of Sun and Mercury is Budha-Aditya yogam; this gives him prosperity and power. Vrushabhasya Mandaika Su-yogadha (Sloka-Jataka)=Saturn is yoga-karaka (highly beneficial) to him (born in Indu-lagna of Taurus). ========================

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