Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Raja Yogams- Jayalalitha's Horoscope-Part-2

Today (June—17—2008) I continue to

explain the horoscope of Ms. Jayalalitha,

in 2nd part..


She has 12 Rajay-yogams (planet of Rule).

Exalted Venus in the 10th house, full

Moon in 3rd house with Mars (the lord

of gain) and Jupiter’s aspect (drushti) on

Rahu which is in the 11th house, have

given her everything in life including

tremendous wealth among ther things.

Because of Venus only she became a film

actress (Karma sthanam), beloved of M.G.

Ramachandran and even defeated all her

opponents. Retrograde Saturn in the 2nd

house and presence of Jupiter in the 7th

house caused her to remain single and

deprived her of family life and marital

happiness. Presence of retrograde Saturn

in the second house, caused her lonely-

-ness in political arena and she does not

have any permanent friendly relationship

with any of the groups or political parties.

Saturn also caused her to play the roles of

a heroine and also a vamp in some films.

The malefic effect of Saturn-Venus period

made her take bad and harmful decisions

like imprisoning H.H. Jagadguru Sri

Sankaracharya.. Hamsa yogam and

Malaveeya yogam gifted her great

qualities and made her one of the

most courageous persons in the Indian

political scene. She is very intelligent,

and her faculties are so great that she

has the capabilities of becoming

even the Prime Minister. Her

emotional and rash

nature and ferocious qualities

of a tigress impede her

smooth progress in politics.


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