Saturday, June 7, 2008

Raja Yogams in Sonia Gandhi's Horoscope

Today (June—7—2008), I briefly explain the
horoscope of Smt. Sonia Gandhi; the world-
famous lady-ruler and de-facto ruling head (Prime-Minister, President and all-in-one) of
India for past 4 years (2003—08). She rose to
absolute power and controls political elements
in the country and thrashes opposition effectively.
She is a lady of firm-will. She is adored by millions
of people. She has many strong raja-yogams in
her natal chart.










Smt. Sonia Gandhi; Dec-9-1946; 21-25 at Turin; Italy.

Cancer Lagnam








Sun Mercury Ketu

Jupiter Venus




Venus is in own her house, Libra (Kendra); this is Malaveeya yoga; so Venus bestows her royal luxuries and riches through out the life. Chandra-Mangala yogam (Moon and Mars in mutually 7th houses) gives her success in worldly affairs and in political career; she gains in all aspects in this material world. Jupiter and Venus together is Adhikya yoga in kendram (4th) is maha-yoga; she gets success and prosperity and all the best in life. The lord of birth lagnam is Moon and is in 12th house; so she gets name and fame in a far-off place / country (India) from her birth place (Italy). Ubhayachara yoga is formed; Sun is in (5th ) house (konam); previous house (4th )has Jupiter; next house (6th) has Mars. This makes her an empress (ruler). Mars is lord of konam (5th and kendram (10th); so Mars is yoga-karaka and gives her riches, properties, prosperity and success in world affairs; Sunapha-yogam Saturn is in next house to Moon, gives her intelligence, wealth and fame. Jupiter & Venus are in 5th house from Moon (full); this is Hari-yoga; she is very intelligent, learned, wealthy and healthy. Moon, Mars, Venus and Jupiter give her a royal status, multi- billionaire riches and excellent life achievements. Budha-Aditya yogam is formed due to conjunction of Sun and Mercury in 5th house (Sri Maha Lakshmi stanam); she has billions of riches and properties. She has two children very highly placed in life, healthy, wealthy and happy.

She enjoyed only limited marital happiness. The ‘Sarvaashtaka Varga’(score only 7 out of 24 points- Varahamihira method) explains this. She lost her husband on May-21-1991 during Saturn period, Rahu sub-period for her; he was assassinated at Sri Perambudur in Tamilnadu.

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